“We are fundraising again!”, shouted a parent from the last team meeting. Does this sound like your group? If so, keep reading for tips on how to sell more during a fundraiser.

Fundraising is a necessary evil but with the right plan and a few tips you can help your parents("Sales Warriors", as I like to call them) stay a little more inspired to do this again.

1. Pick the right fundraiser

You are ultimately looking for something creative, something that gives your buyer (supporter) value, and something your group can make the most money on. For example, a laundry detergent fundraiser offers something that every household in America uses nearly every day.

2. Create a team goal and a reward

Kids sales goals and parents sales goals. Have fun with it. Whoever sells the fewest owes everyone donuts, or whoever sells the most gets to pick the pizza party location. Whatever works for your dynamic. 

3. Get the kids involved

You can teach valuable life lessons in marketing, networking, strategic thinking, sales, developing a sales pitch and followup strategy. Think of it like JA or the Lemonade Day. This is a young entrepreneur sand box.

4. Sell the benefits

Communicate to the potential customer what it helps do for the organization or team. Ex. equipment, tournament entry fees, uniforms, etc. This will go a long way in helping you to sell more during a fundraiser!

5. Explain the value to you and to them

For example: By purchasing 6 sugar creme pies from us, you just took a huge load off of your Thanksgiving dinner prep this year and helped our team play in the statewide championships. 

how to sell more during a fundraiser

And always end things with a sincere, "Thank you"!

Let them know you really appreciate their support, and ask if they know anyone else that would be interested in having their Thanksgiving dinner prep reduced? The more they feel valued and appreciated, the more support you get!

We hope these 5 tips helped you to answer your question, "How to sell more during a fundraiser?"! If you need more information about fundraising, check out this blog post!

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