Laundry Detergent Fundraising- How It Works

Speak with Fundraising Coordinator

We recommend speaking with one of our fundraising coordinators prior to registering. We want to make sure we covered everything about the fundraiser, to insure your experience with us is nothing short of awesome.

Share Order Forms with Everyone in Your Group

Once you register your group you will receive an email with your team fundraising kit attached. This kit contains everything you need to get your fundraiser started, including order forms, best practices, marketing tips, and how to place order.

Place Online Order & Schedule Delivery with Sudz

After your group turns in all of the order forms, all you need to do is place your groups order on our team website. We will then reach out to you, to confirm the group order, arrange payment, and schedule your delivery.

We are well known for our laundry detergent fundraising, but did you know, we have 4 fundraising programs? With all of the candy bars, and cookie dough going around, we thought it was important to offer something people use. Staying with the theme from the laundry detergent fundraiser, we developed the all natural fundraiser. This program features all natural soy candles and melts, along with 2 people products, and 2 pet products. 

We couldn’t stop there so we added 2 more fundraising programs, which are both online exclusively. These 2 programs revolve around something else we use everyday…..Apparel. The market for women’s apparel has never been bigger, with the insurgence of cute local womens boutiques. So what does Sudz do? You guessed it….we brought Spiritwear and Women’s Apparel to you with Spiritwear and Kelly’s Boutique. Your group can now earn profit for apparel items your team parents and fans are already buying. Your group might as well earn the profit. 

Connect With One Of Our Fundraising Coordinators For More Info. 

laundry detergent fundraising

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Take your Group to the Next Level by Offering Household Products We All Use Daily. Highest $ Profit in the Fundraising Industry.
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route 40 home and wellness

All Natural Product Fundraiser

All Natural Product Fundraiser

Join the All Natural Revolution While Making Money For Your Group. From Soy Candles to All Natural Topicals We Have You and Your Furbabies Covered.
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spiritwear fundraiser

Spiritwear Fundraiser

Spiritwear Fundraiser

Sport Your Team's Logo with Pride as You Rock This Awesome Fundraiser. Spiritwear Offers a Range of Product Options to Accomodate All Tastes and Budgets.
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kellys boutique

Women's Boutique Fundraiser

Womens Boutique Fundraiser

Kelly's Boutique is Our Newest Unique Addition to our Fundraising Program. Kelly's Boutiques Adds a Potpourri of High Quality Trendy Women's Apparel and Accesories.
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We Hoped You Would!

For the best results, we have found that our fundraising experts explain things much better than the web.

We understand that you may not be a big phone fan, but a 15 min call can save so YOU so much time down the road. 

If you are just not a phone person, we understand. Click the CONTACT US Button below for other options.  

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