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Due to the recent circumstances surrounded COVID-19, Sudz Fundraising wants to help local Wayne County nonprofits by offering a percentage of sales referred to our online store. Click below to learn more!

How Much Can My Group Raise?


Compare the cost of 5 Gal of Laundry Detergent

$ 79
00 640 ounces
  • Helps Kroger
  • Keeps Money in Your Community
  • Helps Local Kids Participate


Local Fundraising
$ 45
00 640 Ounces
  • Helps Your Local Community
  • Money Stays in YOUR Community
  • Helps Sudz Mission of Giving Back

$ 82
50 640 Ounces
  • Helps Wal Mart
  • Keeps Money in Your Community
  • Helps Local Kids Participate

**Updated 8-26-19**

The SUDZ Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Is The Most Profitable Fundraiser

Laundry detergent fundraisers bring in far more per sale than selling hundreds of small ticket items like candy or popcorn. 

Plus, selling fewer things (that people actually use!) and making more money for your organization or team makes this fundraiser easy and fun!

What we offer


We started with our laundry detergent fundraiser in 2013, and have expanded to much more.

HOw it works


Organizations need options. We have you covered from order forms to year round online options. 

why we are better


We were once where you are today, looking for an easier more profitable solution to fundraising. Hear our story.

Fundraising Tips & News


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Leading a Fundraiser can be Overwhelming! Let us show you how we can make it easier! 

laundry detergent fundraiser


First off. Thank you for supporting the organization that introduced us. We have an FAQ just for you.

How it works

Step by Step Guide


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What You Will Be Selling

Welcome to the Easiest Fundraising Program on the Web. As part of our  fundraising programs, we NOW provide you a FREE Team Web Store, so you  can market your fundraiser to family and friends outside of your area. SEE MORE

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Why is SUDZ Laundry Detergent Fundraiser the best choice?

Because Everybody Buys Laundry Detergent Already And They LOVE Saving Money!

  • Sudz Fundraisers offer a product that everyone is already buying at retail stores, therefore giving you a product that you know your supporters use. 
  • It allows your supporters to save money on an expensive household item while supporting your cause.
  • Our fundraiser provides your group with the highest per item profit $ in fundraising.

Because It's Healthier, Faster, And Less Work For You!

  • A healthy alternative to candy and popcorn junk food fundraisers that don’t earn as much and make your fans fat! 
  • Our fundraiser is fast, easy, and far less work than traditional fundraisers where you have to sell a lot more “stuff” to earn the money you need for uniforms, travel, missions and everything else your group, church, organization or team needs.
  • We help teams build their year round efforts. Whether it be baseball fundraising ideas, softball fundraising ideas, cheerleading fundraising ideas, or many other sports, we have an ultimate guide for you. 

Because You Can Scale Up Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser With Our New Team Web Stores!

  • Finally, because our NEW Team Web Stores allow your supporters to support your cause year round, you can raise money year-round without your team handling ANY Product .
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