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Fundraising for a Community Group or Sports Team – Not as Hard as You Think

Thousands of sports teams and groups around America rely on the generosity of members, friends, and family. Sadly, this is often not enough to meet financial targets, or even to keep a team or group running. If your team is struggling to raise funds for an upcoming event or even for a seasonal sport, then a fundraising drive could be exactly what you need.

If you’ve considered fundraising but haven’t found the right options, or even if you’ve been intimidated by the time and expertise that would be needed to start a fundraiser from scratch, then it’s time to take a look at what Sudz Fundraising can offer you.
Team Fundraiser

An Easier Method for Grassroots Organizations

Sudz is not your typical candy or chocolate fundraiser. Many of the existing fundraising models simply don’t work, and this is often due to the products that are being offered. If you want to create value that will garner a better response from the public, then you need to be fundraising with a product that people actually need.

Partnering with Sudz will allow you to offer premium quality detergents for laundry and dishwashing, as well as other household goods such as fabric softeners, storage bags, trash bags, lotions, soaps, and other similar products.

Sudz quality is on par with and often exceeds top name brands, but you’ll be able to offer the products at prices that are significantly lower than what consumers would typically find in supermarkets and even large discount stores.

Instead of offering chocolate bars and candies that are easy to say no to, you’ll be able to present deals that are hard to resist! Combine this with the fact that you’ll be offering a way for the public to get behind a local organization like your sports team or group, and you have a winning recipe for fundraising success.

baseball fundraiser

Get Started with Just a Few Simple Steps

Getting your fundraising effort started is easy when you choose Sudz. The products are ready to go, can be delivered to one of your representatives or to your school, sports team, or non-profit company’s address, and you’ll even be able to take advantage of qualified free shipping in most cases.

You can register your group online, and set the date for your fundraiser. You can even raise funds year-round, with regular orders and delivery.

Remember, you’ll be offering products that are necessities in every household, so you could potentially run a Sudz fundraiser for as long as you need to. Other groups have had plenty of success, and it’s not unusual for a fundraiser to generate up to $3500 for community groups and sports teams. Imagine where that money could take you and your group.

Get in touch with us today to experience the difference of a fundraiser that is designed to be simple for you, while providing maximum returns that will help your sports team or group to achieve your goals in 2017.

Year Round Fundraising

Most teams, groups, clubs and organizations have one or two fundraisers a year and hope they make enough from those to meet their financial needs all year. Sometimes this works but it often doesn’t and those who need the funds find they fall short before the next fundraiser.

A solution to a dilemma like that would be to find a way to have an on-going fundraiser that brought in funds regularly.

Most of the products sold in fundraising aren’t good for on-going, year round fundraising.


No one needs a steady supply of candy or gift items. What is needed is something that people buy and use on an on-going basis.

Great products to sell as a fundraiser, whether it is just for a month or to set up for raising funds continually, include laundry and dish detergent, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, trash bags and baggies.

These are all products that people spend a lot of money buying in retail stores. What could be better than building a customer base to sell these same kinds of products to raise funds for your organization?

Sudz Fundraising is a company that makes it possible for you set up your fundraising so it works for you all year long.

As you work to build your customer base, let people know you will have a regular order schedule, such as once a month so they can reorder products when they need to. Your customers will love the convenience of having the products they use frequently delivered to them at a good price.

As word spreads that your organization has products many people want and use, your customer base will grow. That will be good news since it means your organization will have all the funds you need and then some. A youth sports team won’t have to make due with old uniforms or equipment anymore.

If your child’s school band, language club or other group plans trips and other activities that they need funds to cover, selling products people use all the time is a better option than selling candy or having car washes that often fall short of the funds needed. The best option is to sell household products that will be used and reordered. Having funds coming in regularly means more activities can be planned.

At first, members of your group will go to potential customers but after that, customers will be coming to you so your fundraising efforts will be more involved in keeping up with orders that come in rather than going out and working hard to get people to order.

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Does Your Child Hate Fundraising?

These days many parents are unhappy with the idea of their children being asked to sell unhealthy items such as candy bars and other junk foods. Children selling these items aren’t having much fun doing it either, because they don’t usually get a warm reception unless it’s from family or close neighbors.

Also, when you’re selling things like candy, many people aren’t medically allowed the items that they’re trying to sell. This can limit sales in a big way. Even more, most people care a great deal more about what they eat. It’s not that great a surprise when your child or church group is unable to sell candies and chocolates.

Enter Sudz.

laundry detergent fundraiser

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We’ve discovered a way to broaden your sales in a way that is not only conscientious of the health of others, but it’s also something that you can be proud of selling.

Laundry Detergent.

Everyone uses laundry detergent and now we’ve broadened our item list to cover other household items such as storage bags and trash bags. We’ve even opened up a new line of products for skin care in the form of lotions and soaps.

There’s also one more item that everyone loves. Candles!

These fundraiser items are meant to be used more than once. Once you eat a candy bar it’s gone, but when you buy a supply of soap, lotion, trash bags, and even candles, you’re going to get more than one use out of it which is much more appealing to those that you’re selling your fundraiser items to.

Not only will you find that you can bring in more sales with these items, you also don’t need a specific holiday or time of the year in which to see greater sales. Holidays tend to help the sales of chocolates and candies, but the items that we offer can be useful to everyone year round!

Our items are great for:

  • Kindergarten Fundraisers
  • Middle School Fundraisers
  • High School Fundraisers
  • Prom Fundraisers
  • PTO Fundraisers
  • School Club Fundraisers
  • Church Fundraisers
  • Youth Ministry Fundraisers
  • Youth Group Fundraisers
  • Boy and Girl Scout Fundraisers
  • Cheerleading Fundraisers
  • Baseball Fundraisers
  • Football Fundraisers
  • Volleyball Fundraisers
  • Softball Fundraisers
  • Basketball Fundraisers
  • Soccer Fundraisers
  • Bowling League Fundraisers
  • Dance Fundraisers
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • Sorority Fundraisers
  • Animal Shelter Fundraisers
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Cancer Fundraisers
  • Alumni Fundraisers
  • and more…

There’s no limit to the groups and clubs that can profit from our fundraising items! No matter the fundraiser, Sudz Fundraising can help your earn intended goal.

Don’t get drawn in by complicated fundraising companies that keep too much of your profit money while causing a major headache with the ordering process.

Let us reach our highest goals together by selling items that are useful to everyone! Don’t cut your target audience short with over expensive items or items that only appeal to a certain crowd. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, our items are always happily received by your community!

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Sudz: Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising – Part 1

Sudz Fundraising – a family-owned and friendly company – is dedicated to providing individuals, teams, companies, and organizations with a quick and effective means of raising the funds necessary to provide the needed monetary support to their endeavors.

Sudz Fundraising - Jeremy Kean
It all started with Jeremy Kean.

He desperately sought out a method that would permit him to accumulate the funds needed for the success of his traveling baseball team.

This is when Jeremy started Sudz and discovered that it was a win-win fundraiser for everyone involved. Today, Sudz Fundraising is considered to be one of the most popular methods of raising money fast. To date, over 200 different groups have benefited from Sudz Fundraising. According to company sales, there have been well over 300,000 different gallons of laundry soap – alone – sold; however, this is not the only product offered by this well-respected company.

Laundry Detergent

sudz laundry detergent fundraiserBy far, the most popular product offered at Sudz Fundraising is laundry soap. These products are equivalent in quality to the popular name brand detergents that are currently available on the market, like Tide and Gain.

The soap is sold in five gallon containers and range from $26 – $45, each. When promoting these in a fundraising event, teams get 30% profit across the board!

Currently, the available varieties include “Blue”, “Green”, and “Free & Clear”.

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sudz fundraising podsPods are currently exceptionally popular among consumers. Sudz Fundraising offers two types of pods – those designed for laundry and those designed for the dishwasher.

These products are comparable to Tide Pods and similar high-quality products currently available in stores.

Not only are these products one of the company’s best sellers among consumers, they are popular among nursing home facilities, hospitals, and other places where dishes and laundry are done.

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Fabric Softener

In addition to a variety of laundry soaps, Sudz Fundraising also offers fabric softener. One of the most beneficial aspects to using the products from the company to raise money is the fact that they offer products that consumers already budget for each month.

The cost – per ounce – is significantly cheaper than the same types of products offered in stores.

Additionally, the ingredients utilized in the products are high in quality and leave clothes smelling fresh and clean.

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If you have a need to raise money,
Sudz Fundraising is the way to go!

Bookmark us today and be sure to return next week as we continue to expound on all of the products that we offer and to learn why we put the “fun” in fundraising!

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fundraiser- raise money for your team

New Option for Fundraising with Sudz!

There are now two exciting fundraising ideas that can help your organization raise money! Whether you are seeking out a way to get new uniforms for the season, or to generate the funds to get to a major game, these options are smart, sensible and fun!

fundraiser- raise money for your team

The first is the classic Sudz promotional products, you have access to some classic items that every household needs. This includes dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and so much more. These are products that are priced lower than some of the major brand names that they are comparable to. That means people are getting a great value and are helping your team at the same time. That’s a win win situation!

Check out our fundraising guide for more ideas of ways to raise money with our standard promotional line.

The new and most exciting addition to the affordable fundraising items available is the Route 40 line of the delightful scents.

soy candle fundraiser

This includes options like candles, air fresheners, and even lotions for the skin. This impressive line is designed to inspire those who are fans of soy wax candles and can’t get enough time stimulating their nostrils.

These generous sized 12 ounce jars of scented soy wax will burn for countless hours and fill a space with some of the best scents on the market. Imagined the warm juicy scent of sugared apple filling your home. Or the blueberry lover will smile as visions of breakfast dance in their head as they smell blueberry flapjacks filling the room. Of course, there is also the classic and elegant vanilla bean scent that is designed to satisfy the needs of everyone.

You can even setup a fund raiser to teach people to make their own candles. With the do it yourself Cinnamon Roll candle kit, people can choose to participate in an affordable course where they get to experience the process of making their own candle from start to finish. When they are done, they can proudly display or burn this candle with the knowledge that they had a chance to make it on their own.

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With so many incredible ideas, you will definitely find something that you can use for an incredible fundraising adventure. Be creative in the process and make sure that you map out a game plan that will work.

That way, you maximize the amount of profit you make so that you and your team have all the funds you need at a moment’s notice. That way, you can focus your time on practicing and improving so everyone has an incredible time on and off the field.

customer service for laundry detergent fundraiser

Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service with Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Providing excellent customer service to those that have invested in your laundry detergent fundraiser is the first key to the success. It is vital that customers feel valued. There are many things that you can do to ensure that you are providing excellent customer service to the people that made your fundraiser what it is and those will eventually contribute by becoming a customer. In this article, we will review some basic tips to ensure that you provide excellent customer service as you move through your fundraiser.

The first step to providing excellent customer service is knowing the importance of the customer. If you do not realize just how important customers, or those with the potential to become a customer are, then, your fundraiser is sure to fail. You may be wondering why this is so. It is a relatively simple concept, actually. If there is no awareness for the customer, you will not value the relationship that you should have with them or attempt to develop with them.

The next step to providing excellent customer service is ensuring that you make the customers experience with your fundraiser an interesting and personalized one. You should understand simple things about your customers. Some of the things that you should know about your customers are what do they want from your products and what do they expect from your products. You should also ensure that you are able to access the customer’s records and their experiences with your event.

Above all, when dealing with a customer – either by phone or in person – that customer should have your complete attention and should be referred to by their name and/or title. This is a simple rule of consideration that goes a long way in the area of customer service. If a customer feels valued, they will contribute to the overall value of your laundry detergent fundraiser.

Another pointer in customer service is to understand that when a customer approaches you with an issue and are unhappy with the products that they are received; you should not take it personally. Be objective and sincere during these types of situations. You may not be able to solve the problem that your customer has immediately, but ensure that you can do everything you can to try to solve their problems.

If a customer comes to you with an issue and it is handled with respect and in a quick fashion, they will gain a lot of respect for the business. The word will spread that you take care of business and your business will grow from the overall situation. Be sure to do all that you can and maybe a little extra and seem pleased when you do it.

While there are numerous tips to ensure that a laundry detergent fundraiser provides excellent customer service, these tips are noted as just a few of the best. If you start to apply these tips, you are sure to see an increase in the success of your fundraiser and your customers’ satisfaction.

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Getting along with the Manager of Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

It is a very pleasant experience when you are able to get along with a manager – regardless of whether that individual reigns over you in the workplace or is overseeing your laundry detergent fundraiser.

Having a good relationship with your superiors can mean the difference between days of misery or days of delight. Additionally, being able to have a good relationship with your superiors can result in higher levels of productivity and increase profits for your laundry detergent fundraiser.

In this article, we will review ways that you can ensure that the relationship between you and your fundraiser manager is productive and that there is a mutual respect for each other, as well as the goals of your fundraising efforts.

The first thing to understand when dealing with your fundraiser manager is that they, too, usually have a person or group of people that they are answering to – in terms of the fundraiser and the progress of the event. We all have certain traits within our personality that affects how well we can get along with others.

Even if you find that your personality traits clash, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot work through these obstacles. The main thing that you should know and try to remember is that all of us are human and we all have strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities. Chances are, your manager is just as insecure regarding the relationship that he or she may have with you, as you are with the relationship that you have with him or her.

Another important thing that all fundraiser participants/volunteers should remember is that it is not necessary or advised that you become “friends” with your fundraiser manager. It is acceptable to be friendly, but you should be focusing on a professional relationship with mutual trust and respect, not a friendship.

The relationship of you and your event manager should always be maintained and accounted for in a professional way. If the relationship becomes too personal, not only could you lose the respect of your peers and other superiors associated with the fundraising event, but you could also lose your position. It is very important to keep your distance while maintaining professional accountability to one another.

Another way to get along with your fundraising manager is to understand and participate in the activities of a team. Management enjoys and appreciates people who focus on being part of a team and not out for themselves. When you are a team player, it shows that you are working and developing ways for the laundry detergent fundraiser to succeed – as a whole.

Management passes more tasks on to people who they can depend on to take responsibility and get the work done that is necessary. Team players often exhibit this kind of professional accountability.

It is also very important to be considerate of your manager in the area of time and respect. If you wish to discuss matters with this person, be considerate and request a meeting.

If you wish to discuss needs that you have, please consider the resources that your manager has available and understand his time and needs are important too. If you follow these simple steps, you are sure to find that, eventually, you and your laundry detergent fundraiser manager will get along. The relationship will be a friendly and professional one with mutual respect and consideration.

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Planning a Winning Presentation for your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

There may be many occasions where you are in the position where you must create and give some type of presentation. Giving a presentation for a laundry detergent fundraiser can be very challenging. This is especially so for people who are not comfortable speaking in front of people.

You may have to create and give a presentation in order to win over support. There are many successful tactics that you can use to create a presentation that will have a long-lasting effect on your audience.

In this article, we will review a few of these tactics. Remember, you do not have to be an expert in the field of public speaking to succeed at a presentation. You must simply be an expert at the point that you are trying to get across.


One of the best ways to start a successful presentation is to have a persuasive introduction that captivates the attention of your audience.

You may think that when you stand up to speak to your audience that this is the first impression, but it is not. Your introduction is actually the first impression that the audience will get of you.

Many people fail to integrate a successful introduction into their presentation. When you are preparing for what you will say at your presentation, you should know and understand that the introduction is truly where you will either win over your audience or completely turn them off.

When writing your introduction, be certain to include words and phrases that will allow you to emotionally connect with your audience. When relaying your introduction to your audience, be sure that you maintain eye contact and use reflection in your voice.

Getting Their Attention

Once the introduction has been made, it is important to be sure that the audience is listening and interested in what you have to say.

Unfortunately, there is a time frame that you must do this in. It has been noted by professional speakers everywhere that a person has a minute or less to capture their audience.

More times than none, this also includes the time that you are being introduced.

Do something that catches the attention of the audience right in the beginning, or your presentation for your laundry detergent fundraiser might be a failure.

Keep your Pace

As you are walking through your presentation, it is important to pace the content appropriately. Moving too slow or too fast could cause your audience to lose interest. Giving too little information or too much information can result in losing the attention of your audience as well.

Many people cure these types of issues by practicing their speech in front of others prior to giving the official presentation. Make the content of your laundry detergent presentation exciting and interact with the audience frequently.

If you request participation from the audience, they will be more likely to pay more attention to what you are saying.

Be the Expert

It is very important to be an expert on the subject matter that you are presenting. This will allow you to show a confidence that is sure to capture the audience.

Just have Fun with It

Additionally, it has been found that by using a little fun and humor, and even personal accounts, the audience will be more compassionate towards the presentation. Be sure to use these tactics during your presentation.

Make them Remember

Since you are presenting a product or service in your laundry detergent fundraiser, you may offer handouts and various types of gifts. This can help make your presentation memorable and it may help in winning over higher levels of support.

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5 Keys to Making Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Highly Lucrative

Fundraising is considered to be an essential component to the success of nonprofit organizations and charitable organizations. The laundry detergent fundraiser is one of the most successful means to obtain funds needed for operational purposes for various types of nonprofit groups.

To become and remain operational, nonprofits depend on special types of funding, grants, individuals willing to volunteer their time, and donors.

In this comprehensive guide, you will be presented with 5 key components to ensuring that your laundry detergent fundraiser is highly lucrative.

Key #1: Determine the “Why”

The first step to ensuring that your laundry detergent fundraiser is a success is to determine the “why” behind the event. You must know why your group or organization needs to raise money.

You may do this by outlining your mission, detailing your personal motivation, overviewing the purpose that your group or organization has, and by addressing the concerns of those that may potentially donate to your cause.

Key #2: Organizing the Fundraiser

Organization is one of the most fundamental keys of success when working to ensure that a fundraiser is highly lucrative. First, you should determine the amount of money that is needed for your group or organization. Then, you should focus on establishing a cost to profit ratio that is appropriate for the laundry detergent fundraiser. Next, a budget should be outlined that you may use during the advertising and marketing process.

Key #3: It Takes a Team

When working to ensure that your laundry detergent fundraiser is highly lucrative, you must make certain that you have a team of individuals that is willing to work with you on the endeavor. Not only will a team help to encourage and inspire each other, but, they have the ability to effectively combine their talents, resources, and efforts in order to raise a larger amount of money.

When creating a team, leaders should be put into place. In addition to this, responsibilities should be defined and expectations should be set. Communication should always be placed as a top priority, too.

Key #4: Donor Appreciation

When people support your laundry detergent fundraiser, you should show your appreciation for their support. You may thank them in person, display your gratitude on social media pages related to the event, or even send out personalized thank you letters/notes – the choice is yours!

When you show your donors how much you appreciate them and their efforts, they are more likely to help in your endeavor by spreading the word about your cause.

Key #5: Celebrate All Levels of Success

The fifth and final key to ensuring that your laundry detergent fundraiser is financial success is to celebrate all levels of success. You may offer recognition to top contributors at special events, host a celebration party, sponsor a special dinner, or put an article in the local newspaper.

If you are engaging in a laundry detergent fundraiser, there are many different techniques that will help you ensure that it is highly lucrative. If you want to learn more, visit our blog today at:
Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness – Part 2

Thank you for rejoining us this week as we conclude our series about Hurricane Preparedness.

Last week, we expounded on the amazing statistics and immense destruction of Hurricane Matthew. You learned that – regardless of where you live in terms of the coast or how often your area has been detrimentally impacted by tropical storm systems – it is critical that you prepare for the possibility of the development of a hurricane.

While most of these systems do provide some advance warning, it is often not enough to prepare for the immense devastation associated with the systems.

We reviewed the fact that a plan should be created that may be put immediately into action.

This week, we will cover the basic hurricane kit and a few survival strategies that may help you and your loved ones push through the dark times that follow such a tremendous and catastrophic event.

The Basic Hurricane Kit

You have all heard that you should have one gallon of water per person, per day that would provide three days’ worth of hydration. You have heard that you should have a three-day supply of food that is non-perishable. While these are excellent guidelines, it just is not enough.

When you are stranded with no electricity, no water, no climate control mechanisms, and no gas, you will need a tremendous amount of water and a lot of foods that have a high nutritional value – especially in terms of protein. You should consistently collect water and non-perishable foods throughout the year that you may store for emergencies.

When a hurricane draws near, you will find it difficult to obtain water and non-perishable foods. Waiting until the hurricane has developed and is on its way is not a good move. Prepare when no emergency exists and always opt for extra.

The next part of your kit will include items like battery-powered flashlights, radios, candles, and items that are similar in nature. These items will keep you in the loop on the latest watches, warnings, and advisories, and will help you light up dark areas – all an absolute necessity.

You should also ensure that you obtain items for personal sanitation. Examples include cleaning supplies, dust masks, water for manual toilet flushings, hand soap and water to cleanse the hands, towelettes, garbage bags, plastic bags, and first aid kits. You may have to utilize a bit of creativity when it comes to creating your basic hurricane kit, but, it is well worth it.

Survival Strategies

When a hurricane threatens your vicinity, it is quite likely that the 911 system will be limited to only necessary staff. The dispatchers will attempt to aid with life-threatening emergencies, but, only by phone. Emergency response personnel will not go out into conditions to aid citizens if those conditions could detrimentally impact their lives. You are – essentially – on your own. As a result of this fact, you must be willing to handle your own emergencies. The following strategies will help you:

  • First, be sure to have a whistle or a horn on hand to draw the attention of others should you find yourself experiencing an emergency. While emergency personnel may not be available, others may be able to hear your distress call.
  • Keep an extensive first aid kit on hand that may be able to aid in cuts, bruises, infections, gashes, and even strained muscles and broke bones. Do not fall short on these kits or opt for the least expensive ones. You could be on your own for days. Make sure you have enough supplies on hand to handle extreme emergencies.
  • Purchase a wide assortment of plastic baggies. You should have small ones, medium ones, and large ones. You may fill them with water and place them in your freezer. This will help to preserve foods. If your water supply runs out, you may thaw them, poke a small hole in them, and consume the water. You should also fill some of the smaller plastic baggies with pedialyte. Should you become dehydrated or experience an illness, you may thaw and drink to replenish electrolytes until help arrives. These plastic baggies may also protect wounds, serve as hand covers, and even protect your head.
  • Keep a portable USB battery pack on hand to plug in cell phones and other devices for charging during the storm.
  • Mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus may spread rapidly during power outages during hurricanes, so be certain to have plenty of hand soaps and cleansing agents on hand.

Sudz Fundraising is in the business of helping individuals and organizations with the tools and supplies that they need to raise money for important events; however, we are also in the business of helping people.

We felt it important to share this information with you in the wake of the most current events. We also carry a large number of items that may assist you in preparing for a hurricane.

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