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Easy fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen on the internet. Everyone seems to think you want a giant list of endless possibilities for raising money. We bet you've probably seen a couple of sites that had massive lists of every type of fundraiser imaginable. Fundraisers you'd never do in a million years. Even fundraisers touted as "easy fundraisers" that wouldn't even be appropriate for your team or group! 

Well, we figure if you're looking for easy, you certainly don't want to spend hours researching the best fundraiser for your team or group - you just want a quick fundraiser reference guide​ and to be done with it!

We did all the research so you don't have to!

In this guide you’ll find easy fundraising ideas that are perfect for your group. Ideas that really take into account how simple the fundraiser is to plan and promote, along with how much money you can raise in the shortest time.
Raising money is a necessary part of team sports and organizations, but it doesn't have to be a pain to be fun and profitable! - Jenny Kress

Our Criteria For An Easy, Profitable Fundraiser

Here are some quick rules we laid down early in our search for the perfect fundraiser for your team or organization:
The fundraiser can’t be complicated
It has to truly benefit the community and make financial sense
It cannot make your supporters fat or sick
Your fundraiser must be quick to implement, get done, and get funding in the door
It should have a recurring element so you don’t have to have big fundraisers once or twice a year, but have funding coming in year-round
A good fundraiser should be different, unique, and not like everyone else runs

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  • Jennifer Eck- 5 Stars! Did an amazing job for our group. We originally were fundraising with another company. We went to place our order and were blindsided with all these hidden fees we were not told about before we started our fundraiser. Not only did sudz bail us out (even finding products for us they dont normally carry to fulfill our orders we needed filled) but Lori gave us one on one customer service. She guided us through every step of the ordering and delivery. They even honored the prices and quantities that the other company charged us. Great experience and we cant thank them enough.
    Jennifer Eck
    Gymnastics Coach
  • 5 Stars! This is an awesome fundraiser. We did this for our MOPS group. An easy way to make some money for your group!
    Meghan Erb
    MOPS Group
  • One of the best ways to raise money that I've seen. Can't believe how fast and how much these teams are selling. Will definitely raise more than enough money for any team that chooses to use this program!
    Jack Humphrey
    via Facebook
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