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Average price range of our various brands.

Sudz  |  $20-$45

Sudz product line includes everyday household items. Our staple product is our 5 gallon bucket of laundry detergent and fabric softener. We also carry dish soap, Oxy-Help, trash bags, and zip lock baggies.

Route 40 Home & Wellness  |  $15-$20

Our all-natural products are made with organic ingredients, and therapeutic grade essential oils. Soy candles, soy melts, and our top selling Pain-B-Gone which is one of the best and most popular natural products on the market.

Kelly’s Boutique  |  $15-$50

Everyday sports mom apparel and accessories. High quality comfy wear.


Below is a calculator to break down how many 5 gallon buckets each participant needs to sell to get free shipping. Ask your Sudz Fundraising Coach for more information about the minimum requirements for free shipping in each state.

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