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We have compiled the most commonly asked questions from our awesome customers

You make 30% of the total sale of Sudz and Route 40 Products and 15% of Spiritwear Product Sales

Qualifying for Free Shipping is Easy! Check to see how to qualify in your state.  State Map 

You keep the 30% of all Sudz and Route 40 products and 15% on Spirit Wear. Payment is collected when the product is sold. Supporter’s checks should be made payable to your group. Once all the final orders are in and tabulated, your Customer Care Specialist will email a detail invoice of amount due.

The group keeps their earnings and sends one check to Sudz Fundraising along with your order forms.  

Yes- ALL of our laundry detergent and Fabric Softener is HE compatible

No- If you choose to have delivery to residence it is an additional $25. If you qualified for Free Shipping and choose residential you will still have to pay the $25

Once payment has been made you should receive your order within 7-10 business days.

You can simply click this link to GET STARTED

Once registered, your team will receive the Team Fundraising Kit with all the forms you will need. You can also find them on our website under All Forms. Just print as many as your group needs.

Yes. However, we have found that when you offer all our products it allows people at every price point to help your organization.

We recommend 2-3 weeks for total selling time. 

Inside of your Team Fundraising Kit will be instructions on how to electronically place your order. 

No! We do not require a minimum order. 

We have 3 distinct product lines for your team to offer. 

  • Sudz– Everyday household items 
  • Route 40– All Natural products made with essential oils.
  • Spiritwear– Team Apparel for your team and all of its supporters

Wanna Check out Our Products? 

Yes, it is concentrated and this is the reason for the thicker consistency as well as the need for only 1-2 pumps of product per load.

No, they do not have drawstrings but can easily be tied in knots for closing.

Every 4-6 months is optimal as this is about the time frame that users will begin to run out of product and begin contacting you for refills.

Most detergent fundraising companies purchase directly from a processing manufacture and use their formulas. We hired a chemist to formulate our detergents to be as closely comparable to the leading detergent brands you’ve grown to love. We have tested and received customer approval that our detergent is the best on the market. With our laundry detergent you will keep the quality you expect, save money on cost and give back to a great cause!

Yes, orders must be submitted through the team web store for payments to be made with a credit card or Paypal. We pay all the credit card processing fees.

Great news, all year! With a team web store your customers will be able to order anytime they run out of product and you will still receive your profit! We recommend doing an order form sale every 6 months to obtain new customers and to stay connected with any existing.

No, we have targeted price points that will maximize your opportunity to sell products. Raising the cost of the items will affect the value to the consumer and affect the number of sales. Long term it will affect the customer base that you build and impact future sales.

Depending on your load size, our 2X concentrated detergent will do up to 640 loads of laundry.

We do not charge sales tax outside of Indiana. Indiana’s sales tax is 7%. If you are a non-profit organization, we will need your tax-exempt certificate.

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