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Laundry detergent fundraisers bring in far more per sale than selling hundreds of small ticket items like candy or popcorn.  Plus, selling fewer things (that people actually use!) and making more money for your organization or team makes this fundraiser easy and fun!

Use our handy calculator below to determine how much your team can make with Sudz Fundraising!

The Sudz Laundry Detergent Fundraiser is the most profitable fundraiser!

Because Everybody Buys Laundry Detergent Already And They LOVE Saving Money!

  • Sudz Fundraisers offer a product that everyone is already buying at retail stores, therefore giving you a product that you know your supporters use. 
  • It allows your supporters to save money on an expensive household item while supporting your cause.
  • Our fundraiser provides your group with the highest per item profit $ in fundraising.
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