School Supplies Fundraiser: How Teachers Can Raise Money for Class with a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

June 28, 2021

Back to school is an exciting time for schools and teachers. Unfortunately, teachers spend an average of $459 out of pocket every year on classroom supplies. Nine out of ten teachers will not be reimbursed for their purchases. A federal Department of Education survey cites that at least 94% of U.S. public school teachers have paid for school supplies without reimbursement.

Still, teachers continue in their generosity out of love for their students. They want to see their students thrive in an environment where they have access to the supplies necessary for learning. Nonetheless, it's unfair for teachers to pay for school supplies with their own money, but what can be done?

Thankfully Sudz Fundraising provides a simple solution for a back-to-school supplies fundraiser. 

Most Sudz fundraisers raise upwards of $2000, selling products people already use in their homes! The best part is that your profit is 30% of sales. Sudz products include detergent, fabric softener, soy candles, oxy help, trash bags, zip baggies, soy candles, and essential oils. There's no waiting period and no upfront costs to get started. 

Reasons to Raise Funds

Beyond covering the costs of school supplies, each teacher can set intentions for their classroom. Teachers can encourage kids to dream up goals for classroom supplies or select a trip destination for a classroom field trip. 

Successfully raising money for their classroom gives kids a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and teaches cooperation. Furthermore, raising money for the class is a great way to gain parent involvement. 

Purchasing Supplies

Many schools get by with the bare minimum of supplies due to a lack of funds. With a Sudz fundraiser, you can finally afford the things you've been missing with a school supplies fundraiser. Here are some things teacher have been able to afford after raising funds with Sud z:

  • A classroom computer
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Whiteboards
  • Paints
  • Pens
  • Binders
  • A classroom pet
  • Holiday decorations
  • A field trip
back to school supplies fundraiser

Why Laundry Detergent is the Best School Supplies Fundraiser?

With laundry detergent, everyone is a potential customer! Think about it; everyone washes their clothes. Laundry detergent is in high demand and buying in bulk cuts costs. Unlike other goods, detergent isn't a one-time purchase; it's consumable. When customers run out, they'll reorder. Sudz has made reordering easy, and when customers reorder, you'll continue to earn 30% of sales. Keep reading for more reasons why SUDZ is a teacher's best option for a school supplies fundraiser!

Marketing Made Easy

Sudz fundraising won't throw you to the wolves. We know that marketing takes work. That's why we've put together your free marketing kit with easy-to-use strategies, email templates, and loads of graphics. 

Evergreen Fundraising

"Evergreen Fundraising" is fundraising that works year-round. Sudz fundraisers aren't campaign-style fundraisers that only work in the short term. With an evergreen fundraiser, you can raise significantly more with less effort. 

Value for Supporters

Many fundraisers ask for donors or sell low-quality items offering little to no value to supporters. With a Sudz fundraiser, supporters get high-quality products they will use regularly. Furthermore, they're likely to fall in love with the product and continue ordering more, raising even more money for your school!

Something for Everybody

Not only does Sudz offer laundry detergent, zip baggies, and trash bags, but we've chosen top-notch natural soy candles and essential oils because they make lovely gifts. They also appeal to an in-demand eco-conscious market. Check out our products by clicking here!

What's more, Sudz fundraising products are items people would already be adding to their grocery list. By offering these items, you're saving your supporters a trip to the store!

How to Get Started

Getting started today with a Sudz fundraiser is easy. There's no waiting period and no upfront costs! Visit Sudz to request a free sample or get your fundraiser started right away.

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