Ultimate Guide to Fundraising

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This guide contains tips, tricks, and examples of helpful social media marketing tools to help you and your group have the most successful laundry detergent fundraising campaign yet.
Raising money is a necessary part of team sports and organizations, but it doesn't have to be a pain to be fun and profitable! - Jenny Kress

Our Criteria For An Easy, Profitable Fundraiser

Here are some quick rules we laid down early in our search for the perfect fundraiser for your team or organization:
The fundraiser can’t be complicated
It has to truly benefit the community and make financial sense
It cannot make your supporters fat or sick
Your fundraiser must be quick to implement, get done, and get funding in the door
It should have a recurring element so you don’t have to have big fundraisers once or twice a year, but have funding coming in year-round
A good fundraiser should be different, unique, and not like everyone else runs

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