If you are ready to rake in the profits for your team, start a softball fundraiser and hit a home run today!

“Softball” and “fundraising” – these two words are exciting on their own. But when you put them together “softball fundraiser” often instills dread, anxiety, and excessive worry. This does not have to be the case, though.

Today, there are several different fundraising ideas that are perfect for girls that have a desire to fund their softball team. It does not matter if it is equipment, uniforms, or money to cover travel expenses, the ideas in this guide will help you reach your goals.

A bucket a day keeps the strikeouts away….”

All-Natural Soy Candles

In today’s world of environmentally-conscious individuals that are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, while optimizing their health and home, all-natural soy candles are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do these products come in amazing fragrances that are sure to delight the senses, they hold aroma therapeutic value that will improve one’s mental and physical health. If your softball team is in need of financial resources in order to participate in gaming activities, a fundraiser in selling all-natural soy candles is the way to go! With scents such as honey crisp apple cider, pumpkin spice, sugared apple, and white gardenia, these products are sure to appeal to potential supporters!

Household Products

If your softball team is interested in a more practical fundraiser, opt for one that allows you to sell household products. These include trash bags, cleaning products, baggies, melts, and more! In most instances, your potential supporters will have a set amount budgeted to these items. The only difference is, instead of spending more at the store, they can purchase high-quality items that cost significantly less from your team!

Laundry Products

If your softball team is ready to truly hit multiple homeruns – in terms of their fundraising efforts – get involved in a laundry products fundraiser! Not only will your team sell standard laundry soaps, but they will also be able to sell laundry detergent pods, fabric softener products, oxy help products, and more! The average profits from this type of fundraiser is exceptionally higher than any other fundraiser currently available to sports teams.

The high-quality products include those that are similar to Tide, Gain, and other top-market laundry product manufacturers. Best of all, there is no minimum order amount required, your softball team will earn a total of 30% of all of the sales made, and if you exceed the $1500 profit threshold, shipping is absolutely FREE!


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