Say Goodbye to Overused Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

November 17, 2019

Youth sports are not cheap, and if you have more than one kid who wants to join a team, you might be wondering how you’ll afford it. While there is always the promise of youth sports fundraising, the time and energy spent does not always feel worth it. That’s where Sudz Fundraising comes in. 

You can say goodbye to overused youth sports fundraising ideas. Sudz offers an easy, effective fundraising system so that young athletes can go after their dreams, whether they are aspiring to be the next Babe Ruth or just stay active. Numerous sports teams have enjoyed tremendous success with Sudz Fundraising. Here’s how:

Variety of High-Quality Products 

Sudz Fundraising was built on the principle that it’s easier to sell items people actually use and want. This is something the founder of the company, Jeremy Kean, learned through fundraising for his own kids’ sports teams.

With this in mind, Sudz Fundraising allows sports teams to build fundraisers from a selection of household essentials, health and wellness products, spirit wear and more. Your customers can support you while buying the products they need AND they’ll save money! Our 5-gallon bucket of laundry detergent, for example, is more cost effective than those sold in stores. 

You might be wondering how we can claim that Sudz Fundraising products are so great. Aside from offering hand-made, all-natural products made from Fair Trade ingredients, our customers have told us how great they are. Supporters are asking sports teams if they can reorder products months after fundraisers have ended. This has allowed many teams and organizations to set up ongoing fundraisers! 

Easy-to-Use Webstore and Order Forms 

Some of your supporters will want to use an order form and pay cash. Others will prefer to place their orders online with card. Sudz allows you to provide both options. Our team will build your customized order form and website with the products you decide to sell. 

Should you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out to your designated account manager. They’ll be checking in with you during the fundraiser as well. 

Youth Sports Fundraising Marketing Kit

A youth sports fundraiser should not take up all your time! That’s why we include a marketing kit with every fundraiser. Our proven methods plus our awesome products will put you on the path to fundraising success.

Ready to speak to someone at Sudz? (That’s another benefit of Sudz. You get to talk to real people!) Give us a call, email or use our contact form to get in touch! We’d be happy to talk to you about our options and what products would be best for your supporters.

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