The Three "Wins" With a 5 Gallon Laundry Detergent Fundraiser - Best Fundraisers For Teams

When we talk anything in life, we like to talk wins. Especially in sports. But what about in fundraising? We'll talk about how fundraisers- especially the 5 gallon laundry detergent fundraiser- perform better and raise more money when everyone wins.

Have you ever thought about the wins in fundraising? Let’s break those down, because typically there’s only two, and successful fundraisers need a third win in the mix. The first win is always the company, like myself, Sudz Fundraising. We’ve set the program and the price and everything so that we are making a profit. We’ve also set the program and the pricing so that the team and organization’s making a profit - there's the second win.

And typically, in fundraising, that’s where it ends.

The Third Win in Fundraising

Let’s take for example, the Girl Scouts. They’ve almost got the third win in there because they do have the customers, the repeat business, that comes from a good product. Everybody likes cookies from the Girl Scouts. And they love helping Girl Scouts out, right? Cute little girls selling their cookies at the supermarket and everywhere - Kroger, Walmart, you see them all over the place. They’re hustlers- you've got to give them credit for that.

But when I’m talking about the third win, I’m talking about the supporter that wins. The person who’s buying the product. We’ll call it the consumer, I like to call it the supporter because when they purchase this product, tickets, raffles- whatever you are selling to them. They are supporting your organization, so we’ll call them a supporter.

The supporter typically in fundraising is the one up to now has been socially accepted as a loss. They either donate the money or they might as well be donating the money because the product that they’re purchasing is something they don’t need, they don’t want. But at least they’re getting something for it, maybe a white elephant gift or something to give to someone else at the office or home.

But at the end of the day, they’re not getting anything of value.

So one of the big keys to having a long-term successful fundraising effort is to find fundraisers that have that third win.

So, what you want to look for are the products that are A) good products: they’re very, very comparable to the national leading brand that they’re compared to or that they’re similar to. And B) the other thing you want to look for are ones that people like and they want to rebuy. Things that they consume on a regular basis.

That’s why candles have been a great fundraiser, because people buy candles. And if they can buy something that is already something on the checklist to buy at the store, and they can buy it through an organization and help them out, people are typically good-hearted like that. As long as it’s not too big of a jump in the price, even a little jump in the price has been acceptable.

So the goal here is to find that third WIN in the fundraiser.

Moral of the story is to find products and programs that create a situation where people want to find out how to buy it again when they run out of it.

The 5 Gallon Laundry Detergent Fundraiser: A Win For Everyone

The 5 gallon laundry detergent fundraiser is a great way to do that. With Sudz Fundraising, our products are comparable (and some would even say, better) than the leading name brands of laundry detergent, and they're available in large quantities. Your customers get to buy a common household good in bulk, and support you. Win, win, win.

5 gallon laundry detergent fundraiser
Start Your 5 Gallon Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Today at SudzFundraising.com/Register

At the end of the day, you want your consumers to say, Hey, this team is making the money, I’m getting a product that’s the same price I would’ve paid for it anyway, so that’s a great win for the consumer.

The Girl Scouts, like I said, almost had that right. The problem is you can buy their cookies at the dollar store for $1.50 and they’re selling them for $4.50, $5 a box now. The only difference is the color on the outside of the packaging. We’re missing that value proposition and getting somewhere close on the price. Again, people won’t mind paying a little more for it, but they definitely don’t want to pay 150% of what they could get it at the local store on their normal routine weekly trip.

With the 5 gallon laundry detergent fundraiser, they can't buy a five gallon bucket of laundry detergent on their regular grocery trips, so you're giving them that unique value proposition.

So again look for those types of opportunities where people can get value out of the product that are purchasing it, at the same time they’re supporting you.

This will make them long-term customers, repeat customers and it’ll help your organization raise more money on an ongoing basis.

And that’s what we’re after, right?

4 Profitable Ideas for Your Next Church Fundraiser

Have you been hosting fun church community events but walking away with only a couple of dollars? Or maybe you've found yourself putting hours of work into fundraising with very little return. 

It's time to explore some fail-safe church fundraiser ideas to ensure that your time and effort is financially rewarding. Check out these top four profitable ideas for your next church fundraiser. 

church fundraiser

1. Look for Evergreen Opportunities

Evergreen fundraising is the gift that keeps on giving...literally. This is about finding donors that continually support your church. Finding evergreen opportunities is one of the best fundraising ideas for church youth groups and church organizations.

Many companies and individuals choose evergreen giving platforms to give back to their community, preferred organization, and churches.

You can encourage your community to use Amazon Smile when they shop. With each purchase, Amazon will donate to your church at no profit to the buyer.

An excellent evergreen opportunity is the Sudz fundraising service which is an easy way to find supporters and get expert guidance on fail-proof fundraising ideas. 

2. Sell Things That People Need

Rather than asking for donations or trying to sell obscure items, create a marketplace where you can profit from selling things that people use every day. Your community will love to have the opportunity to support you simply by buying products that they need and usually buy from big retailers.

Have a look at Sudz fundraising products and decide on the best for you. Laundry detergent, trash bags, and candles are all great options.

3. Multiple Microfunding Events

There are plenty of awesome fundraising ideas for church that are centered around micro-funding events. These can range from typical ideas such as a car wash where volunteers wash cars pro-bono, or 50/50 raffles at your community events.

A T-shirt fundraiser is a particularly profitable idea. Your community is proud to be a part of your church and most would love to show off their participation by wearing a church T-shirt. Create T-shirts with a few different designs and sell them at your church events or even online on your website.

Play around with multiple church event ideas to keep it fresh and fun for your community and profitable for your church.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns use a strong online donations page for virtual church fundraising. It's a fantastic way to reach a wide network of supporters and generate profit for your church.

These sorts of campaigns work best via social media and have the power of spreading worldwide and expanding your community. All you need to do is pick a good crowdfunding site and work to create a powerful donation page.

Once you've set up the page, encourage your church community to share the page far and wide. Add a fundraising thermometer to give donators a visual representation of their support and don't forget to add an auto-response mail of gratitude to be sent out to all donators.

Step Up Your Game for the Next Church Fundraiser

Experiment with these church fundraiser ideas and turn your next event into a profitable campaign. A church community is generous and supportive, it's just about finding the best way to engage with your supporters. 

If you're looking for the next best profitable fundraiser for your church then sign up with Sudz fundraising today. You'll make more money for less effort!

How Youth Sports Teams Can Raise Money With a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser - Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Georgia

Is your team in need of money? Are you looking for something to do as a fundraiser for your Georgia youth fundraiser?

Often, teams need to do fundraising in order to get the money necessary for their operations. Many people love to get creative with these fundraisers, selling everything from bakery goods to Girl Scout cookies and everything in between. 

But do you want to guarantee that your fundraiser will be both fun for members of your team and make you money? If so, you should consider a laundry detergent fundraiser. 

laundry detergent fundraiser
Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Georgia

Why is a bulk laundry detergent fundraiser right for you? Keep reading for our guide to this wonderful and innovative idea!

What Is a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

So, what is a laundry detergent fundraiser?

Simply put, this type of fundraiser uses the sale of laundry detergent to make money for your Georgia youth sports team. When you do it, your team sells our Sudz laundry detergent to interested customers, getting you the money you need.

These initiatives also give you the ability to teach the youth on your team about making money. When children take the lead on selling products, they learn about how hard work yields gain and gives someone a sense of satisfaction. 

What Children Learn from Participating in Fundraisers

But what is the benefit of getting young people on your sports team involved in fundraisers? Won't holding a fundraiser just place undue work on the shoulders of the adults who have kids on the team? 

While some adult involvement may be required to make sure everything goes smoothly, allowing children a role in fundraising helps them develop key skills. These include communicating clearly, serving customers, presenting, organizing, and setting and meeting goals. This helps them in the future as they set out to achieve academically and apply for jobs. 

It gives the parents an opportunity, too, to instill in their children the value of working for the benefit of their community. If you need to fundraise, but it sounds stressful, consider shifting your paradigm to teaching your children about how working hard becomes worthwhile when it's for the good of the community.

Plus, many children love taking part in creative laundry detergent fundraisers. They approach their work with a sense of purpose and love being able to join their friends and teammates in making money for the team.

Why Laundry Detergent Fundraisers?

Why should you do a laundry detergent fundraiser Georgia? Why choose it over other types of fundraisers, such as bake sales?

In business, effective marketers know how to identify what their product or service offers to their target audience, and why their potential clients need it. To effectively run a fundraiser, you need to know the same thing.

In this case, your target audience--or potential clients--consists of anyone in your life who would be willing to purchase products from your children for their team. They may be family, friends, teachers, or even some of your colleagues.

Still, there's always a chance some of your potential buyers won't be able to make a purchase. This is where choosing something your customers may need comes in handy.

While cookies and other baked goods can be tantalizing, they ultimately aren't a need your customers have. Laundry detergent, on the other hand, serves as a home necessity. Everyone needs detergent to keep their clothes clean and smelling good. When you sell detergent, you provide your customers with something they need, motivating them to contribute to your fundraiser.

Learn more about marketing your fundraiser!

How Our Laundry Detergent Fundraisers Work

So, how do our laundry detergent fundraisers work? 

We break our process down into several, easy-to-follow steps. When adhered to, they give you the ability to earn the maximum amount for your team.

Let's get into the process below!

Step 1: Register

Before you do anything else, you need to register your team.

Once you decide that you want to raise money using laundry detergent, start a new fundraiser. When you click the link on the last section, you'll be taken to a page on which you have the opportunity to name your organization and designate what type it is. If you are a sports team, you should select "sports team" from the drop-down menu.

Then, click "Next," and continue to fill out the information in the ensuing fields.

Step 2: Receive Our Materials

After you sign up, we send you the materials you need to start gathering orders. 

We give you information to help you market as well as order forms to keep track of everything you sell. Distribute the materials to everyone who will be helping you with the sale.

At this point, you should start talking to your potential customers and let them know what you're selling. That way, purchases can start rolling in.

You will receive 30% of the profits your orders make.

Step 3: Purchase What You Need

After you've finished collecting orders, purchase the laundry detergent. You only have to buy the amount you need, allowing you to keep the rest of the money!

At this point, you have the resources you need to fund your cause. Enjoy the opportunities the money affords you!

Ready to Get Started?

So, do you want to fund your Georgia youth sports team with a laundry detergent fundraiser Georgia?

Many people find fundraisers a fantastic way to get young people involved in endeavors that build their business and social skills. They then take what they've learned and apply it to their academic, interpersonal, and career lives.

Laundry detergent fundraiser Georgia

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Georgia

Laundry detergents, in particular, become a great way to raise money because they give your customer something they need while funding your cause. 

Still undecided? Want some free samples? We want to show you just how great our products are. Click here to get some samples for free and see how we can influence the success of your fundraiser!

Fall Fundraising Starting Off Strong at Sudz Fundraising

Sudz In Action

Can We Sell Just The Laundry Detergent Fundraiser 5 Gal Buckets?

Is your group looking for fundraising options? Have you seen all of the different options Sudz Fundraising has? What if you just want to do the laundry detergent fundraiser 5 Gal Buckets, and not sell the other products? Can you do that?

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser


You can absolutely do the laundry detergent fundraiser by itself and not do a web store with the other options such as the All Natural Product Fundraiser.

Ask yourself this question. Does your supporter group have the expendable cash to invest $40+ into a product for fundraising? If they have used this product before and know the quality, then you are most often going to be ok. One of the smartest things to do is ask parents what they think regarding the other product lines. Always remember, they are the soldiers on the front lines selling to their supporters. Make sure you aren't being biased, because of personal preference.

What if your supporter following are used to being approached with raffle tickets, or candy fundraising? These items typically require an investment of $10 or less which is why people are more open to supporting and purchasing these. What if they had awesome products offered that range from $15-$49, and all of the products are at our below an average retail price?

Most of our partner organizations enjoy the diversity in product, but if your market knows the laundry detergent fundraiser 5 Gal Bucket program already then it can be a more profitable fundraiser, simply due to the profit percentage and ticket price.

Are You Involved In a Group That Needs To Raise Funds? Try Our Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Out. Get A FREE SAMPLE Now!


Top Fundraising Ideas | "Have You Heard of That Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?" - 4 Reasons To Love Sudz Fundraising

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

What the heck will they think of next, you may be thinking. Did you know that the laundry detergent fundraiser is one of the top fundraising ideas? Let's figure out why, shall we?

So when you compare this opportunity to other fundraisers you will see why it is becoming so popular.

Reasons To Love the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser with Sudz

Reasons To Hate It

All fundraisers will have their good and bad elements. When I first started coaching and heard of this, I was skeptical like anyone would be.

After completing the first one, I never wanted to do anything else. The first attempt didn't go without its struggles, but for the money that was raised it was worth it!

The stuff sold itself and the supporters who are buying the detergent are so pleasantly surprised by the notion of saving some money themselves, that they just keep supporting!

We still have customers buying from the original fundraiser we did 6 years ago with my travel baseball team.

laundry detergent fundraiser
top fundraising ideas

This program has been implemented and working well with:

  1. Bands
  2. Cheer/Dance/Gymnastics
  3. Travel Clubs
  4. Recreational Leagues
  5. High/Jr School Sport Teams, Such As Baseball, Softball & Football!

It will involve a little more lifting and handling the product, but the profit you will make will far exceed how hard you have to work at it. We would love to work with you and your group.

Are You Involved In a Group That Needs To Raise Funds? Try Our Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Out, One of the Top Fundraising Ideas. Get A FREE SAMPLE Now!


Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Your Marching Band

Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Your Marching Band

  If your teenager is part of a local marching band, it should come as no surprise to you that this is a very expensive undertaking. General participation is quite costly. When you combine that with the competitions and other events that the marching band participates in, these costs skyrocket.

  According to an article on the Bloomberg website, the average cost of a marching band comes in at just over $7,000 a year. Fundraising is not only necessary, but it is also critical to the overall success of the band. The question is, “Are there easy fundraising ideas out there that will render enough profits for marching band participation?” The answer – in short – is “yes”.

Profitable Fundraising is Essential for Marching Band Success

 Music groups – such as your local marching band – requires high levels of financial support in order to properly sustain the program. Common expenses include the musical instruments used in the band, uniforms, tools for training participants, the cost of band camp, band trips, registration fees, concert expenses, and competition costs. When you add all of this up, you will quickly discover that you should only focus on profitable fundraisers that will provide lucrative proceeds.

  So, which of all of the easy fundraising ideas will be most profitable? 

The Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

  When it comes to easy fundraising ideas and profitable fundraising endeavors, the laundry detergent fundraiser is considered to be the most popular among marching bands and similar music groups. This particular fundraiser allows your marching band to promote and sell items that everyone uses – laundry products. Since the products are needed by all, you are guaranteed profits. For each bucket sold, your marching band can raise anywhere from $12 to $15 – depending on the overall amount sold. Other fundraisers only provide profits of a few cents on a dollar. Your marching band needs real profits. Out of all of the fundraising ideas out there, this allows you to raise the most money the quickest.

Sudz Fundraising Offers More

  In addition to the laundry detergent fundraiser, there are several other products that we offer here at Sudz Fundraising that can help raise money for your marching band. These include Spiritwear and Route 40 Wellness products. Additionally, your marching band can create their own fundraising store through our website and sell products all year long! Selling is easy when you are part of such a profitable fundraiser. Additionally, you will be selling high-quality products that are appealing to your potential customers. To learn more about how this fundraiser works for marching bands, simply visit the following page today: https://sudzfundraising.com/how-it-works/

Best Cheer Fundraising Ideas | Don't Go Broke for Cheer! Try a Successful Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Hey parents, guardians, and coaches seeking information on easy cheer fundraising ideas that will help cover the costs of cheer. We know how hard you work and that sometimes you just need things to be easy, so don't go broke for cheer! Many simply do not know just how costly cheer can be, and that's why we are offering up some cheer fundraising ideas.

While it is true that some programs can cover a certain amount of funds within their budget, it is often not enough. As a result, parents and others are left to flip the bill. Have no fear. There is a way to raise the money that you need that is easy and fast! It is through the laundry detergent fundraiser.

What is the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

The laundry detergent fundraiser has earned the reputation of being one of the most profitable fundraising ideas for cheer teams. You are probably curious as to WHY this particular fundraiser stands out above the rest, right? It is simple. Laundry products are considered to be a “must-have” item.

Every single person that you know, associate with, or come in contact with needs laundry detergent in order to keep their clothing clean, smelling nice, and looking great. For each bucket sold your cheer team can earn up to $15! In short, your cheer team can make 30% profit with the laundry detergent fundraiser!

cheer fundraising ideas

What Expenses Do Cheer Teams Have?

Many might be surprised at the amount of expenses that comes with being on a cheer team. This is why we say "dont go broke for cheer". It costs much more than what you would think. Unless you are willing to pull the funds out of your own pocket, this is why finding easy and fun cheer fundraising ideas is important! Take a look at this example of the most common expenses for members of cheer teams:

There you have it! Keep in mind, this is only a basic list of the most common expenses that you will incur. Yes, this is per cheerleader – not, per team. Now, you can clearly see the need to engage in only the most profitable fundraisers. The good news is, the laundry detergent fundraiser IS the MOST profitable!

Competition Costs

Now, is your cheer team one that participates in competitions? If so, the expenses have just doubled for you. Yes, you read that right. We know traveling from competition to competition is a lot of fun and you enjoy watching their performances, but these competitive sessions can put a huge strain on your wallet. The solution? Easy cheer fundraising ideas like the laundry detergent fundraiser that will allow you to raise money and FAST!

Funding Matters

As you can see, funding is crucial for the teen that is part of that cheer team. The laundry detergent fundraiser is a wonderful and easy way to earn all of the money that you need not just for one – but everyone – on the cheer team. It is one of the most profitable fundraisers because it allows your team to promote a product that is high in demand. People get higher levels of satisfaction in supporting a cause when they get an item that they need and use in return.

Get Started Now

Are you ready to get started in making money for your cheer team? If you answered “yes”, simply go to our laundry detergent fundraising page to learn more. In addition to this, you can learn how to make the most of your fundraiser by checking out our cheer fundraising ideas guide. Why pull hundreds to thousands of dollars out of your own wallet when you can take part in one of the most profitable fundraisers currently available on the market? Get started today and start earning as quickly as tomorrow! Always remember don't go broke for cheer, always look for ways to raise the money. 

Transform Easy Fundraising Ideas into Profits!

Before stopping here, it's likely you discovered several easy fundraising ideas for your organization. The question is, how do you get people to take part in your fundraiser? The answer is, preparation and planning. The success that you experience is dependent upon the amount of planning and preparation that you put in. Keep reading to learn how to transform the easy fundraising ideas into massive profits for your organization.

Determine Your Purpose

The very first step to achieving success in a fundraiser – regardless of the type – is to determine the purpose of the event. Yes, you are attempting to raise money, but why? Your organization may have multiple goals. Outline the goals of the fundraiser and you will be able to measure your progress. By keeping track, you can share with your donors how successful the event was.

Establish the Amount You Need

Next, transform those easy fundraising ideas into massive profits by determining the minimum amount needed. Remember to consider the expenses of the event. The fundraising goal should be what you need to net after all expenses are deducted. In other words, if you need to raise $2,000 but your expenses will be $500, the fundraising goal should be a total of $2,500. Oftentimes, organizations will focus on the main amount that they need to raise, but they fail to account for the expenses. As a result, they come up short on their goals. 

Create a Budget

Failing to create a budget for the event could minimize your profits. Don't let the ultimate goal be just raising money; start with a planned budget to ensure that all expenses are outlined. Expenses could include what needs to be paid to staff members, space rentals, transportation, and incentives. These expenses should be included in the total amount that you wish to raise to ensure that you raise enough money.

Identify Your Target Audience

When starting an easy fundraiser, it is essential that you determine your target audience. Yes, you may elect to do a general fundraiser; however, most fundraising events are geared towards certain types of people. For example, if you are targeting local parents because you have a baseball fundraiser in the community, you should create a marketing plan towards that group. If you want to do a laundry detergent fundraiser and wish to attract healthcare facilities – such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes – you will want to create an appropriate marketing plan. This brings us to our final step…


Once you determine your target audience, it is time to create a marketing plan towards that group of individuals and/or businesses. The purpose and intent of this plan is to convince your targeted audience that your event is completely worthy of their time and their hard-earned money. In this marketing plan, you should outline the methods you will use to target your audience. Examples include social media platforms, blogging, emails, cold calling and word of mouth.

Easy Fundraising Ideas = Easy Money

Once you have selected one of the easy fundraising ideas, it is time to start the steps outlined within this guide. Determine your purpose, figure out the fundraising goal, create a budget, identify your target audience, and create a marketing plan and actively carry out that plan. For more information on easy fundraising ideas and how to achieve high profits, click HERE.

Laundry Helps Comfort Levels of Patients in Long-Term Care

While laundry and/or laundering does not typically come quickly to mind when considering the quality of care at long-term care facilities – such as nursing homes – it has been found to have an immense effect on the overall comfort level of the patients residing within those facilities.

The Familiar

Patients admitted to long-term care facilities typically experience a great deal of stress and uneasiness when initially entering into their residency.

While most facilities take great care in providing ambient environments, comfortable furniture pieces, and varied meals in order to help transition their patients from their homes to the facility, very few facilities place an emphasis on laundering activities and the products utilized to wash clothes, linens, towels, and bedding.

However, research has established that if patients are subjected to the fresh-smelling laundry resulting from the use of effective laundry soaps and other products, they experience higher levels of reassurance and comfort.

Productive laundering activities and using highly-effective products help provide a sense of the “familiar” to patients.

Laundry – Take it one load at a time….”Unknown

The Study

The study was completed using a poll. Professionals that work in long-term care facilities around the country were asked a variety of questions.

85% of the respondents stated that when patients of the facilities are surrounded by sensory experiences that are familiar to them – such as soft laundry and gentle fragrances – they become more comfortable in the facility.

Additionally, 82% stated that the residents of the facilities feel more like they are at home when the facility utilizes brands that they are familiar with and trust, or brands that smell much like the brands that they know and trust, such as Gain, Tide, and other name brand laundry products.

Detergent Types

Each long-term care facility must follow certain guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These include using temperatures in excess of 140 degrees, chlorine bleach for whites, and specially-created detergent types.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of detergents. One is identified as “alkaline” and the other is identified as “near neutral”.

The alkaline detergents are considered to be effective at removing a variety of soils in clothing items and the near neutral are considered to be ideal in washing linens.

When choosing laundry products, long-term care facilities should opt for both types.

Sudz Offers Immense Variety

Purchasing name brands for long-term care facilities – such as Gain and Tide – may prove to be extremely costly.

If you want to improve the comfort level of your patients, ensure that clothing items are completely clean, towels are soft, and linens remain fresh and gentle, you should purchase the name brand similar products offered through Sudz.

Not only are these items packaged in larger containers, they cost significantly less than their similar name brand comparisons. In addition to laundry soaps, Sudz offers pods, fabric softeners, and Oxi-Help products.

In addition to using these inexpensive, high-quality products in your facility, you may also host a fundraiser selling these products in your community to raise money for your facility. To learn more, visit: https://sudzfundraising.com/