Time for some new jerseys? Or do you want to take a trip cross-country to play in a big tournament? Whatever the reason is there are various methods of easy fundraising for your youth sports team. Keep reading for our tips including book sale, laundry soap fundraiser, and more.

Restaurant Tip Jar

Approach a local business and ask to put up a tip jar for your team. This could be a mom and pop ice cream shop, or other local restaurant/business. 

Ask the business to put up a jar with a sign and message at their register. So whenever someone makes a purchase they can see your sign and potentially give. 

This is an easy fundraising idea that allows you to partner with an established business that gets lots of sales traffic. 

Don’t just stop at one either, see if you can get multiple businesses to set up your tip jar. Maybe even, get each team member to find a restaurant to ask. Also, depending on your cause, they may donate to you themselves as well! 

Personal letters

The best way for easy fundraising is to just ask others, and that’s it! 

Writing letters to potential donors is an easy fundraising idea, because it takes little to no upfront costs and allows you to make a big impact on others. 

Don’t just send out a generic spiel with the same message for everyone. Make personal and passionate letters to donors telling them not just how much this cause means to your team, but also what it would mean for them to play a part in it by giving. 

Be sure to flex your creative muscles and make the letters or cards creative and artsy. 

Be sure to send out the creative handwritten notes to potential donors at church, school, and in your neighborhood.

Used book sale

People in all stages of life are constantly looking for new reads. Whether it’s school children, college professors, or the couple next door. Take advantage of this and offer some new reads to those around you. 

This is an easy fundraising option that takes little to no up-front costs. Gather used books and sell them at a discounted cost. 

Easy ways to get book donations

Once you get the books, have a yard sale and offer the books to those around you. Be sure to make signs to post around town to advertise it as well as advertise on social media. You can also post to directories such as Booksalefinder.

laundry soap fundraiser used book sale fundraiser

Laundry Soap Fundraiser

One thing about the most common fundraisers is that the customers often have to purchase something they wouldn’t normally buy. Candy bars, popcorn, etc. are all things that while, yes, they might be delicious, people may have a few reasons why they don’t want to buy from you.

Cue laundry soap fundraisers. EVERYONE needs laundry detergent, right? And when you’re selling them a product that is the same as (if not better than) name brands at a much lower cost since they’re buying in bulk, how could they resist?

There are a lot of laundry soap fundraisers out there, including us here at Sudz Fundraising. We’ve got something even better, though: we offer more than just a laundry soap fundraiser, we have other common household goods, candles and melts, and even all-natural wellness products.

It’s pretty much a win-win when you raise money with a laundry soap fundraiser!


Crowdfunding uses an online donations page to raise funds for a cause. This method is great for those with a large online presence, and also helpful for others in reaching a larger group of potential donors. 

Probably the easiest on the list, crowdfunding allows easy fundraising by going online and creating a page that shares the vision and goal of your fundraiser online. 

Crowdfunding is great because it allows you to reach the largest audience online of both familiar people and a sea of strangers. 

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