Don’t Go Broke for Cheer! Try a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser!

Hey parents, guardians, and coaches seeking information on easy fundraising ideas that will help cover the costs of cheer. We know how hard you work and that sometimes you just need things to be easy, so don’t go broke for cheer! Many simply do not know just how costly cheer can be. While it is […]

Top Tips on Succeeding in Your Holiday Fundraising Event for Needy Children

The laundry detergent fundraiser is a positive and productive way of running a holiday fundraising event, for needy children this season. In today’s harsh economic climate, numerous people are struggling during the holidays to simply make gift purchases for their loved ones. Very few actually have money available to support candy fundraisers, gift wrapping fundraisers, […]

Why is the #1 Fundraiser the Laundry Detergent Fundraising Event

Recently, the laundry detergent fundraising event was ranked as the #1 fundraiser in the nation by parents, educators, and numerous other individuals. This particular fundraiser is an effective and highly profitable event that is perfect for any type of team, organization, and/or group including schools, churches, athletic organizations and athletic teams, and youth groups. The […]

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