Sudz Fundraising – Your One Stop Source to Generating Lucrative Profits, Fast!

Sudz Fundraising – Your One Stop Source to Generating Lucrative Profits, Fast!

Fundraising – one of life’s most challenging, yet necessary tasks. When thinking of fundraising, most people think of selling candy bars, greeting cards, or even overly-priced wrapping paper. Many consider the arduous task of going door-to-door attempting to get just one sale.

Oftentimes, these common fundraising events result in massive amounts of work and low profits. If you need to raise money, it is quite likely that you need to raise a lot. You need massive profits to accomplish your goals – it does not matter if you are raising money for a sports team, the homeless in your area, or just to engage in a special event or activity. You need real money – not pennies on the dollar.

This is where Sudz Fundraising comes into play. This company has created a fundraiser event that allows you to enjoy lucrative profits, fast!


The Fundamentals

Sudz Fundraising offers a multitude of items that everyone needs – laundry soap, fabric softener, dish, bath, and body soaps, cleaning supplies, and stain fighters! Individuals need and budget for these items each and every single month. In addition to this, hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities, and all types of businesses require one or more of these items.


The products are healthy, economical, and allow you to promote items that are needed and used on a regular basis! You may even find that you get repeat customers with Sudz Fundraising! On AVERAGE, groups earn anywhere from $2,000 up to $3,500 on just ONE fundraising event! We here at Sudz Fundraising believe in the power of providing the necessities and strive to help all of our participants reach the absolute highest level of success!




Now that you know our products will result in massive levels of success, it is time to expound a bit on pricing. First and foremost, you do NOT have to have a minimum amount of orders. That – in itself – is much different than a lot of the traditional fundraisers. When your group gets the event going, you will earn 30% of all of the sales that you make! In addition to the previously mentioned items, we also offer other types of luxury items that you may profit. Examples include candle making kits, sprays, bug repellants, pain analgesic medications, sun protection items, lotion bars, therapeutic bars, packs, and even trash bags!

Getting Started

Getting started with us here at Sudz Fundraising is very simple! All you have to do is click HERE to register your team, organization, and/or group. Once you are registered, you may start your event.

Best of all, when your supporters find that they need more of the products, they can just place their order for more and YOU reap the monetary rewards! Now considered to be the top-rated fundraiser in the nation, we are ready to help you achieve the financial success that you desire!

To learn more about what we have to offer and to request a free sample, click on the following link today:

Sudz Fundraising

Sudz Fundraising was created by Jeremy Kean, a baseball coach, who was fed up with fundraising in general (it was a drag to even have to deal with it every year) and specifically, the kinds of fundraisers that were available. So he did something about it, and SUDZ was born as a fast, easy fundraiser that helps communities, teams, and organizations raise money in a healthy, helpful way.
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