When you want to give your child a great boost in life, it doesn't get much better than team sports. The camaraderie, competitiveness, and ability to learn life lessons creates some of the best memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

But you might be wondering -- why are youth sports so expensive?

Price is often the main deterrent for many parents who would otherwise sign their kids up for sports. Here are a few things to know about why youth sports can become quite pricey. 

Why Are Youth Sports So Expensive?

Without question, youth sports is a great way to help your kids stay in shape, make friends and learn important life qualities. Team sports like baseball, basketball, and football teach them to cooperate with others and how to be accountable to a team of others. 

However, this comes with a price tag. Here are some of the main things that you'll have to account for:

1. You Have to Pay for Uniforms and Access to the Fields and Courts

Uniforms are the main thing that keeps kids from being a ragtag looking bunch when they play. It adds a sense of officialness to the competition and also helps the players tell each other apart while playing. 

Even a basic set of uniforms can easily add up in cost. Aside from the uniforms, you also have to pay for access to the ball fields and courts. 

2. The Equipment Costs Can Add Up 

Equipment costs are another important factor to consider when signing your child up for sports. Some sports are cheaper than others to play, but many team sports have significant equipment costs. 

In football, a helmet and set of shoulder pads can cost upwards of about $700 in some cases. Baseball teams need a certain number of bats, helmets for each player, catcher's gear, cups, cleats, and several baseballs. 

why are you sports so expensive football helmet cost
A football helmet and a set of shoulder pads can cost upwards of about $700!

3. Officials and Other Professionals Are Paid

Finally, there are several officials and professionals that help team sports happen. Youth sports leagues have athletic directors that lead the charge for the entire organization. You'll also have to pay for the cost of referees, umpires, and other officials that help to maintain fairness during games. 

There are cleaning costs involved as well if janitors are brought in. You may also have to pay certain fees to your local or state Parks and Recreation department. 

why are youth sports so expensive
How much do umpires get paid? Umpires can cost anywhere from $50 to over $100 per game.

Manage the Cost of Youth Sports

Why are youth sports so expensive? The points above show why there are specific costs you need to consider when signing your kids up for athletic activities. 

All in all, you will always have some options at your disposal to help you keep these costs as reasonable as possible. There are often summer leagues you can sign your child up for that don't cost as much as in-season sports. You can also sign them up for local leagues that play on the same fields, as opposed to travel leagues, which are far costlier. 

Above all, one of the best things you can do is find fundraisers that will help you bridge the gap so that your child can play sports to their heart's content. 

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