One of the keys to success on the volleyball court is chemistry! Building camaraderie is important to building a great team that collaborates and understands that they are all in this together. There are several team building activities that your volleyball team can do together to ensure you build that team spirit. 

Team bonding outings, team building games, and simply being together on the trip there can help you do just that.  Here we share a few of the best volleyball team building activities for your crew!

Volleyball Team Building Activities

The Human Knot Game

With teammates standing in a tight circle, ask each one to grab the hands of two other teammates. They can choose anyone other than the person standing directly to their left or right. Once everyone is holding on, they must untangle the knot they’ve built while still holding hands. Check out this tutorial on how to play!

An Evening Out

Teammates join together for a night or afternoon out enjoying an event or a game such as a NBA, NFL, NHL, NBA, or NCAA game.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for teen volleyball teams and let them put their heads together to discover a huge surprise.

Pictionary or Charades

These are great bonding games for groups to team up and laugh together as they figure out the answers.


Divide your team into two groups and let them have a blast seeing who can claim top paintball team!

Your Travel Time

Traveling to and from these team-building activities can be a great time for bonding. Have a singalong or play a travel game and ask them to put the devices away for the trip.

Craft Time

Have your team make personalized jerseys, posters, or banners for their team. It’s a fun way to build team spirit and show their love for their team. Painting sessions are also a fun way to bond and get creative.

volleyball team building activities

Community Service Projects

Find a cause and let them put in the work to support it. It can be cleaning the sports field and facility, pitching in and spending time with the elderly, or reading to young kids. Anything that will bring them together to help others.

Secret Sisters

Like Secret Santa, you draw names from a hat and give your chosen teammate gifts and snacks throughout the season.

Team Dinners

The team enjoys a night out for dinner without their devices. They spend their time enjoying the food, talking, and getting to know each other, and building their team.

Potluck Dinners

This brings the families together as well. Just bring your favorite recipes and enjoy time together.

Escape Room

The team can work together, building their problem-solving skills while they work to escape.


Host a BBQ at a team member or coach’s house. Or get out to the lake, river, or beach for the festivities.

Aerial Fitness

This challenging class can be fun and offer lots of laughs while they learn the ropes in aerial fitness.

Catch a Volleyball Match

Check out the competition and college teams to see what others are doing on the court.

Marathon or 5K

Get the group together to participate in a marathon or 5K. They get to train together and then participate in raising money for a good cause.

Amusement Park Trips

Plan a day of fun at an amusement park.

Try out one or a few of these great volleyball team building ideas and get started building friendships and a stronger team. Get your team together and ask them to contribute their ideas for team-building activities. When you get them involved in the decision-making process, you’re helping them to take responsibility for their team. Have a blast this season and good luck!

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