Transform Easy Fundraising Ideas into Profits!

April 3, 2019

Before stopping here, it's likely you discovered several easy fundraising ideas for your organization. The question is, how do you get people to take part in your fundraiser? The answer is, preparation and planning. The success that you experience is dependent upon the amount of planning and preparation that you put in. Keep reading to learn how to transform the easy fundraising ideas into massive profits for your organization.

Determine Your Purpose

The very first step to achieving success in a fundraiser – regardless of the type – is to determine the purpose of the event. Yes, you are attempting to raise money, but why? Your organization may have multiple goals. Outline the goals of the fundraiser and you will be able to measure your progress. By keeping track, you can share with your donors how successful the event was.

Establish the Amount You Need

Next, transform those easy fundraising ideas into massive profits by determining the minimum amount needed. Remember to consider the expenses of the event. The fundraising goal should be what you need to net after all expenses are deducted. In other words, if you need to raise $2,000 but your expenses will be $500, the fundraising goal should be a total of $2,500. Oftentimes, organizations will focus on the main amount that they need to raise, but they fail to account for the expenses. As a result, they come up short on their goals. 

Create a Budget

Failing to create a budget for the event could minimize your profits. Don't let the ultimate goal be just raising money; start with a planned budget to ensure that all expenses are outlined. Expenses could include what needs to be paid to staff members, space rentals, transportation, and incentives. These expenses should be included in the total amount that you wish to raise to ensure that you raise enough money.

Identify Your Target Audience

When starting an easy fundraiser, it is essential that you determine your target audience. Yes, you may elect to do a general fundraiser; however, most fundraising events are geared towards certain types of people. For example, if you are targeting local parents because you have a baseball fundraiser in the community, you should create a marketing plan towards that group. If you want to do a laundry detergent fundraiser and wish to attract healthcare facilities – such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes – you will want to create an appropriate marketing plan. This brings us to our final step…


Once you determine your target audience, it is time to create a marketing plan towards that group of individuals and/or businesses. The purpose and intent of this plan is to convince your targeted audience that your event is completely worthy of their time and their hard-earned money. In this marketing plan, you should outline the methods you will use to target your audience. Examples include social media platforms, blogging, emails, cold calling and word of mouth.

Easy Fundraising Ideas = Easy Money

Once you have selected one of the easy fundraising ideas, it is time to start the steps outlined within this guide. Determine your purpose, figure out the fundraising goal, create a budget, identify your target audience, and create a marketing plan and actively carry out that plan. For more information on easy fundraising ideas and how to achieve high profits, click HERE.

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