Transform Your Mood and Improve Your Health with These Amazing Scent Combinations

If you have been battling a less-than-favorable mood lately, aromatherapy probably is not the first option you have considered in improving your mood; however, according to numerous studies, it should be.

aromatherapy candlesAccording to medical professionals, the sense of smell is the absolute strongest sense in humans. As a result of this fact, it carries the heaviest level of influence in brain-based activities on both a physiological and psychological level.

An important component of the limbic system – called “olfactory bulbs” – are, as it turns out, directly connected to parts of the brain that have the responsibility of processing emotion. Not only that, but, certain smells are known to optimize the activities associated with the hypothalamus.

This is the part of the brain that transmits an assortment of messages throughout the body. Certain scent combinations may transform the mood, and result in positive changes throughout the body – such as the reduction of anxiety, improving circulation, and stimulating organs. In this aromatherapy guide, you will learn which scent mixtures have the unique capability of transforming your mood and improving your health.

Lemon Lavender

If you have a desire to transform your mood and improve your health, the combined scents of lemon and lavender will help you!

Lemon is a scent that is commonly known to encourage high levels of concentration and results in a general level of calmness. Lemon is also highly advantageous in terms of the physical health as it is known to boost the immune system and drastically improve circulation.

Lavender aids in alleviating emotional-based stress. Tension and moderate to severe depression may be quickly eliminated with the body is exposed to lavender. Lavender has the ability to reduce pain associated with headaches and to reduce migraine flare-ups. Combined, lemon lavender is a powerful scent that is sure to have many positive effects on the mind and the body!

Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn’t enjoy the combined scents of cinnamon and fresh-baked rolls? This amazing combo packs a powerful punch against a bad mood, depression, anxiety, and anger. The cinnamon scent is one that is known to be highly stimulating. It aids in combating mental-based fatigue. Individuals that are exposed to cinnamon often refer to it as being effective in developing and maintaining focus, mental clarity, and a general level of calmness. When combined with the scent of freshly-baked rolls, it helps in reversing cognitive impairments, boosting memory, curbing emotional eating, and delivers a powerful surge of antioxidants to the body.

Sugared Apple

The scent combination of sugar and apples is absolutely amazing when it comes to bad mood busting and optimizing the health. The luscious scent provides a natural boost to a person’s energy levels, helps regulate the thyroid hormone, reduces blood pressure, improves breathing, and increases the creation and distribution of serotonin within the brain. All of this – in turn – results in far fewer bouts with anxiety, depression, and sadness.

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