Top 5 Reasons We Love Friday Night Football

July 27, 2021

Americans love football; besides Dunkin’, it’s what our country runs on and uses as a main source of entertainment. Even if you aren’t watching the Superbowl from a front-row seat, football is still a favorite pastime with Americans of all ages. The next best thing to watching Tom Brady live and cheering with the crowd is watching Friday night football at the local high school and cheering for your hometown. 

Whether you have a kid playing or not, high school football games can be fun for all and a great way to spend a laid-back Friday evening. If you haven’t been to a Friday night high school football game then you’re missing out. Here are our top five reasons (but trust us, there’s plenty more!) why we love Friday night high school football. 

Concession Stand Food

No five-star restaurant compares to the concession stand food that you can eat while cheering on your team from the stands. Waiting in line between plays and chatting with friends about the scoreboard is a necessary part of the ultimate Friday night American football game experience. Nothing compares to a quick hotdog and soda from the concession stand while you watch the game from the stands. 

Marching Band Playing

Hearing the marching band play is another important part of any American high school Friday night football game. Hearing them play and watching them easily brings back the nostalgia to adults and is an experience for younger children that they won’t forget. This is a signature part of any high school football game and one that brings back many memories. 

Fun Rivalry

Few sports carry the same fun rivalry as American high school football. Although there may be more aggression in the bigger games, high school football games are typically more lighthearted and see friends playing with each other. Some fun rivalry always does the heart good, especially when amping up before the weekend! 


Of course, then there’s watching the teamwork of the players coming together for a championship. Teamwork is a beautiful thing to witness, but watching hometown high school players coming together and put their all into games to win is something special. Watching the teamwork involved, whether winning or losing, is inspiring to us all. 

Hometown Pride 

And then there’s when the hometown pride when your team wins and you get to celebrate with your town. Few things compare to the feeling of watching those that you know work hard for their championship and winning. The beautiful thing about hometown high school football games is that win or lose, everyone celebrates together. 

Summing It Up 

Friday night high school football games aren’t just for cliche high school tv experiences, they’re a fun experience for those who choose to spend their evenings watching their hometown score. Personally, we love listening to the marching band as we eat nachos slathered in cheese from the concession stand while waiting for the game to start. The Friday night game ends the week in a great way and starts the weekend off rolling.

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