3 Ways to Be an Awesome Youth Sport Parent

July 20, 2020

The thrill of competition can bring out either the best in people or the worst. We've all seen a youth sport parent on the sidelines of sporting events shouting mean things, arguing with the coach, and generally creating a bad atmosphere for everyone else. The desire to see children succeed sometimes makes youth sport parents forget their most important role, being their child's cheerleader and #1 supporter.

Being an amazing youth sports parent is easy if you remember these three things:

Support and encourage everyone.

Negative comments are hard to ignore and make both players and coaches perform worse, not better. They change the player's motivation from wanting to do their best to avoiding more criticism. By cheering and shouting praise, encouragement, and support, players will play better and work harder for the right reasons.

Leave your ego at home.

As adults, we tend to define success in concrete terms. Either you win or lose, you make the goal, or you don’t. Winning is good, losing is bad. However, this isn’t true in youth sports. While winning is nice, the goal is learning to work as a team, refine skills, and develop good sportsmanship. Your child’s success in youth sports is defined by what they learn and how they improve. That success belongs to them, not the parent.

Help your coach succeed.

Coaches work hard and want the best for their team. They’ve chosen to coach because they love the game and love seeing kids succeed. Often there are things a team needs to continue to improve and these things cost money. As a parent, you can play a critical role by fundraising. There are several companies eager to make youth sports fundraising both effective and easy.

The next time you’re on the sidelines, commit to being an awesome youth sport parent by remembering what’s important. You are there to support, encourage, and enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. If you want to go above and beyond and be a superstar parent for your child’s team, partner up with a company that will make your fundraising needs easy, like Sudz Fundraising. They have the tools you need for success.

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Support coaches - Ways to be an awesome youth sports parent

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