Top Fundraising Ideas for an Alzheimer’s Nursing Home

laundry detergent fundraiserAccording to studies, one of the top fundraising ideas for an Alzheimer’s nursing home is the laundry detergent fundraiser is ranked as one of the top fundraising ideas for an Alzheimer’s nursing home. The prices of long-term care for individuals that have been diagnosed with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease are exceptionally high. One of the main reasons is that private health insurance companies and various types of policies associated with disabilities do not cover most of the services associated with long-term care, and the government programs that offer benefits for this type of care are considered to be limited. It has been estimated that most of these facilities charge a rate of up to $250 per day for a resident in a private room. Unfortunately, most families are unable to afford this type of care.

As a result, most patients that are placed within the life care nursing home setting for dementia/Alzheimer’s unit are forced to part with all of their assets. Immediately thereafter, they are then placed on ICP Medicaid programs and their disability checks are used by the Alzheimer’s nursing home; however, there are continued expenses that disability and Medicaid programs may not provide funding. Examples include the purchase of clothing, soaps, shoes, and entertainment items. Most Alzheimer Special Care Units depend on donations and fundraisers to obtain the funds for these items. If you own, operate, and/or manage an Alzheimer’s nursing home, you should start a laundry detergent fundraiser in order to raise enough money for the needs of your facility and the residents that are part of your life care nursing home.

What is the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

The laundry detergent fundraiser is a fun, innovative way to earn a massive amount of funds for your Alzheimer’s nursing home. Essentially, your life care nursing home will be promoting large buckets of laundry soap and fabric softeners. Unlike other fundraising events, you will not be promoting and selling useless items. Instead, you will be promoting and selling items that everyone buys and needs. Most of the products available through the fundraiser are equivalent to name brand items that are already lining the shelves of your favorite supermarket and department store; however, these items are much cheaper than those items. When you take part in the laundry detergent fundraiser, you will find that it is exceptionally easy to promote and sell the products. Best of all, the profits are immense! You can, easily, earn up to $15 per bucket sold for your Alzheimer’s nursing home!

Creative Ways to Spend Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Profits

If you are attempting to raise money for your Alzheimer’s nursing home, it is quite likely that you are capable of thinking of many creative ways to spend your profits. First and foremost, you could purchase clothing, undergarments, socks, and shoes for the residents of your facility. Next, you could create a “closet room” where you obtain various types of clothing, shoes, and accessories and store them for those that live at your facility. You could stock up on soaps, shampoos, conditioners, wash clothes, sponges, and other items that may be used to clean the residents. You could also create a nice television and recreational room for your patients. In this room, you could have a large television, a DVD player, a DVD collection, books, magazines, card games, board games, and even video game systems set up for your patients. If you like, you may even set up a computer lab within the room. When it comes to top fundraising ideas, the laundry detergent fundraiser is considered to be among the highest rated, according to those that need money for their life care nursing home. If you want to bring much-needed funds, supplies, and happiness to the patients of your Alzheimer’s nursing home, sign up for the laundry detergent fundraiser TODAY!

Jeremy Kean

Jeremy Kean is the President of J&J Baseball Inc, which owns Sudz Fundraising, Route 40 Home & Wellness, Spiritwear Inc, and Kelly's Boutiques, and is co-founder of Brick Road Media.

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