This Page is Your Resource For All Of Your Marketing Needs for a Successful Fundraiser including Social Media, and Email.  Start By Checking Out the Helpers Below, Then Follow Instructions on How to Start Sharing and Posting Your Way to Profit. Remember The Messages That Go With Each Post Below are Just Templates. Feel Free to Change, or Write Your Own. If You Have One That You Write That Does Well Share it With Us on Sudz Fundraising Facebook Page. Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget To Join Our Private Group On Facebook! ( Just Click the Image –>)

Tips For A Successful Campaign

Download and Get Our Best Practices for a More Successful Fundraising Campaign.

Example Fundraising Emails

Copy and Paste and Send to Your Contact List.

Tips For a Successful Social Fundraiser

Today Nearly Everyone is Online. Download This Guide on How to Use Your Social Media Effectively.

Example Sales Script- We Know 🙁

We Know NO ONE Likes to Sell. We Are Making the Necessary Evil, Alot Easier




Scroll Through and Find  Image and Copy that Corresponds to the Image in the Email You Received. 

  1. Right Click
  2. Save As
  3. Save To Your Desktop, or Downloads
  4. Go To Social Media Channel.
  5. Create New Post
  6. Add Image
  7. Copy and Paste Copy(Message)
  8. Post

Scroll Through and Find  Image and Copy that Corresponds to the Image in the Email You Received. 

  1. Press and Hold Image
  2. Save to Your Pictures
  3. Save To Your Desktop, or Downloads
  4. Go To Social Media Channel.
  5. Create New Post
  6. Add Image
  7. Copy and Paste Copy(Message)
  8. Post



Kickoff Day-1

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Last Day-1

TODAY We End Our Fundraiser with Sudz Fundraising. We Need Your Help! Please Make Sure You Get Your Last Minute Order Put In TODAY! Good News....You Won't See These Posts From ME for awhile.. 🙂 Thank You Soo Much For Your Support!

Last Day-2

LAST CHANCE To Get Your Order In For Our Sudz Fundraising Fundraiser. 4 Months Worth of Laundry Detergent, Essential Oil Products, Spiritwear, and More.....Check Out Our Webstore at The Link Below, and Help Us Finalize A Great Fundraiser.

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