Reduce Your Chance of Skin Cancer with the Sun Pack at Sudz

Reduce Your Chance of Skin Cancer with the Sun Pack at Sudz

According to statistics, in excess of 5.4 million unique cases of the nonmelanoma-type of skin cancer are treated in the United States. Annually, there are more cases of skin cancer than the combined cases of any other type of cancer.

The good news is, you can reduce your chance of becoming the next skin cancer statistic by utilizing the new Sun Pack currently offered at Sudz.

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The Route 40 Apothecary Sun Pack at Sudz

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The Sun Pack by Route 40 Apothecary that is now available at Sudz Fundraising includes 3 distinct products that will protect your skin and your health from the potentially dangerous radiation and rays emitted by the sun. The items included in this potentially life-saving product include the Sun Bar, the After-Sun Bar, as well as Lip Balm. Below, you will find a brief description of each:

  • The Sun Bar is a naturally-created product that is designed to block the dangers of the sun. It includes the natural ingredients of mango butter, cocoa, oil from carrot seeds, oil derived from raspberry seeds, as well as a small amount of non-nano-based zinc oxide. Each of these ingredients – combined – offer the absolute highest level of SPF protection possible.
  • The After-Sun Bar is designed to rehydrate and provide nutrients to the skin after being subjected to the exposure of the sun. It contains a vast array of natural oils, numerous moisturizing butters, and a massive amount of aloe.
  • The Lip Balm provides protection for the thin layer of skin located on the lips. Unlike other skin regions, the skin on the lips does not have naturally hydrating pores. This balm provides a high level of moisture and combines butters and oils that offer a high level of protection from the rays of the sun, wind, and other extreme weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures.

Skin cancer occurs when there is an uncontrolled level of growth of skin cells that are not normal. Unrepaired DNA produces damage to the cells. This is most often a direct result ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun. This radiation triggers mutations in the skin cells, or underlying genetic defects. Then, this progresses into skin cancer. While small amounts of sun exposure are good for the body – in term’s of receiving certain vitamins, and regulating the natural sleep-wake cycle – excessive exposure and prolonged exposure can result in complete devastation to the skin and your overall health.

To reduce your chance for experiencing this devastating, get your Sun Pack today:

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