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A lot of us have great memories of summer marching band camp, whether those be good or bad, it’s definitely a time to remember. Not only are you there for practice and fostering musicianship, band camp is the perfect place to bond with your fellow bandmates. 

Here’s the thing about band camp though: it’s not a cakewalk! The days are hot, the hours of practice grueling, and we have to say, being surrounded by sweaty teens all day can’t make it much easier for anyone!

So whether you are packing a suitcase full or just headed to camp for the day, we compiled a checklist of the top 6 most essential things you need to bring to survive those summer band camps.

Before we begin, we’d love to hear in the comments: what’s your favorite memory at band camp?


Pretty much the #1 non-negotiable thing on this band camp checklist, you’ll need water and LOTS of it. Along with a reusable water bottle that you can use to refill at a water fountain, bring some bottled water as well. The more water the better when it comes to band camp.

summer band camp checklist


Not only will sunscreen protect your face and body during long hours in the sun during practice, it can also help prevent embarrassing tan lines from tanks and shorts.


Shorts, t-shirts and ankle socks are your best bet when it comes to band camp. Pick materials that are light, airy and avoid dark heavy materials. 


Protect your head and eyes from the sun by bringing a hat. A baseball cap or bucket hat (we know, we know… but from what we hear, they’re coming back into style!) will do just fine. As for sunglasses, the darker the better as long as you can see!


Pick comfortable, air-wicking shoes that won’t wear out too fast after hours and weeks of practicing marching every day. This is a time you want to choose comfort over style!


This one is something not many people think of, but if you’re practicing band routines in a grassy field, those bugs will definitely come for you. Throwing a good bug spray in your bag will protect you against itchy bites and flies in your face. Seriously, what’s worse than having flies and mosquitos buzzing around your sweaty face while you’re trying to keep up? Pack the bug spray!

And there you have it: our top 6 list of things to bring with you to band camp. The more prepared you are the less surprises will pop up and the more fun you’ll have!


summer band camp checklist

Did we miss anything on our band camp checklist? If so, let us know what you’d bring in the comments below!

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