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Laundry Detergent Fundraiser
Selling household essentials allows your team to make more money for less effort. Laundry detergent costs around three times more than chocolate bars, but supporters don’t mind because it’s something they use and need.  

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All-Natural Fundraiser
Specializing in 100% all-natural solutions, Route 40 offers a variety of options for people and their pets. From bug repellent to pain salve, we have an effective assortment of oils and ointments that will help you make great money and happy customers. We also offer homemade soy candles, a very popular item right now.

Spiritwear Fundraiser
Teams looking for a spirit wear fundraiser can enjoy a great selection of designs with Spirit Wear Inc. It’s as simple as providing or approving a design, picking apparel options and sharing the link or order form with your team, family, friends, and co-workers.

Women’s Boutique Fundraiser
Fundraising with Kelly’s Boutique means opening a virtual pop-up shop and letting the cutest looks and styles fundraise for you. You get to sit back and let Kelly’s collection raise money for you.

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