The 5-Point Checklist to Raising Money During COVID

September 21, 2020

Tips of Raising Money During COVID

At this point in time there is no five letter word that is more hated than COVID. It comes up in conversation every day, because the world as we know it is making massive changes to everything from how medical care is offered to how you pick-up takeout. And with that we know that many sports teams have been put in a situation where they have figure out how to continue raising money during COVID to sustain operations. 

Let’s jump straight in: 

Raising Money During COVID

Let everyone know your Live event plans…

Restrictions on social gathering sizes vary depending on where you are. But, you most likely have had to cancel any in-person events. Make sure to update information on your Facebook, website or anywhere else you post information about the fundraiser. There’s nothing quite as awkward as having a Facebook event up that lists a time and place for your event when it’s not really happening. 

Good communication internally with your fundraising team is key in making sure that you are able to present your donor base with clarity on what next steps are and ensuring that they know that you’d still appreciate their support. 

If you are hosting an event, put safety measures in place to be as safe as possible 

Worst nightmare: your fundraising gathering being a hot-spot of COVID cases. Definitely not good PR for your team or organization. Believe us when we say, it’s going to be very hard to live down. So, if you decide to host an in-person event keep these points in mind: 

  • Consider a Hybrid Model - this allows you to put a limit on how many people attend in person, and also broadcast live to anyone who wishes to tune in via social media or YouTube 
  • Enforce Safety Precautions - make sure to make it clear on any event promo that masks are required to attend your event. Have disposable masks and hand sanitizer available at the door for those who forgot a mask or need to disinfect
  • The 6-Feet Rule - if you’re doing a BBQ, Picnic, or event that requires your supporters to line up, or walk around, put down tape that marks 6 ft between each individual. Put up plexiglass or hang clear plastic anywhere that servers or cashiers are standing. 
  • Disinfect - passing around a bucket can be a great way to collect money, but it can also be an awesome way to pass along germs, too. Consider having one individual handle the bucket, or have disinfectant wipes ready to wipe it down. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage 

If your team hasn’t set up a Facebook, or Instagram page yet this is a great time to consider doing that! Facebook especially, is a great place to connect with your community members right where they are. Tools like Facebook Lives, events, polls and built-in fundraising abilities means that you have plenty of options for raising money during COVID!

Raising Money During COVID
Raising Money During COVID

Think Outside of the Box 

Some great unique fundraising ideas that have us really excited are: 

  • Hosting a Netflix Watch Party - charge a few bucks for “tickets” and send out the link to those who register 
  • Drive-Thru BBQ - have supporters order their meal ahead of time and “drive-thru” your tent or table set-up to pick-up 
    • On that note: Drive-thru car washes are a great idea as well. Collect money at the start of the experience and set up stations that supporters can drive through. 
  • Laundry Detergent Fundraiser - shameless self-plug! Your supporters can order online and get their things delivered straight to their door. Learn more here. 

Introduce Technology 

In this day-and-age almost everyone is doing some sort of mobile banking, or fund sharing. Eliminate the need to pass cash between hands by setting up a team paypal, or venmo account to easily collect multiple donations and then transfer those funds to you bank account in one go. Having those accounts will allow you to simply share your link at the drop of a hat via social media, e-mail or text. 

For more information about setting up one of these accounts: 



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