#QuickTipTuesday: I Need Your Help! - Laundry Soap Fundraiser Tips

January 26, 2021

Hey gang, I need your help! Today, I have this block thing, and I'm supposed to stick to.

Today, there was a block on there, and I tried, but I just couldn't come up with anything. So I'm still trying to make something productive out of this.

And it hit me.

If you don't know what to talk about - which is what this block was - it was a content block, I'm supposed to be coming up with content. So what do they want to talk about? How can I help them with fundraising stuff? And normally I can go on for days about this, but for some reason, today, I couldn't come up with anything.

laundry soap fundraiser

So, I thought, how about you guys help me! What questions do you have?

Laundry soap fundraiser.

How to help your team raise more money, whether it be marketing, there's all kinds of different ways that it can happen. I'm just coming up with nothing today, but I know there's tons!

So put your question below, I'll either answer it there, video back, or make it part of the live we'll do next week where take all your questions and give you some good solid answers.

So help me out, so I can help you. Post your questions below!

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