Promote Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser on Pinterest

Promote Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser on Pinterest

There are several distinct and appealing ways to promote your laundry detergent fundraiser online. In recent months, many fundraising companies have been harnessing the power of Pinterest to win over support and increase the profits for their cause.

Now, you can, too!

Pinterest is a social media platform that is, essentially, a type of web-based pinboard. In other words, it is an integrated visual-based social media site. The content that is shared by Pinterest is driven exclusively by imagery. When electing to promote your laundry detergent fundraiser on Pinterest, you may share images that you own or those that you find on the World Wide Web – the choice is yours!

In this brief guide, you will learn 3 simple strategies that will help you to promote your laundry detergent fundraiser on Pinterest.

 3 Simple Strategies to Promote Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser on Pinterest

Strategy #1: Harnessing the Power of Images to Reach the Emotion-Based Area of the Brain

It is an established fact that the emotional area of our brain is capable of processing images and other types of visual products much better than it is able to process words. When promoting your laundry detergent fundraiser on Pinterest, you must use this to your advantage. You may use pictures and images to share your story, to promote people that are involved with your fundraiser, and to share how your products will make lives better.

Strategy #2: Display Relevance to Increase Appeal

It is imperative that you curate optimal content and images that are relevant to more than just the laundry detergent products that you are hoping to sell. You must also provide content and images that is relevant to your fundraiser’s goals. People want to know more about you, your company, your product, and how the proceeds from the fundraiser will make a difference in the life of others. If you display this level of relevance, your laundry detergent fundraiser will be highly appealing to your potential supporters.

Strategy #3: Communication Drives Success

Social media platforms – such as Pinterest – are powered by, well, socialization! When pinning about your laundry detergent fundraiser, be certain to communicate with others with the opportunity arises. This will actually drive the success of your fundraiser! You must do more than just create calls to action and tell people WHAT to do; you must talk to people to discover WHO they are and what they really WANT! In taking this step, you will be better able to communicate with your target audience. As you communicate, you will be able to build relationships. As you build relationships, your target audience will be more likely to share your fundraiser. In the end, the communication will prove to be one of the top drivers for success!

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