Promote Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser with a Facebook Event

Promote Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser with a Facebook Event

As the fall fundraisers start to pick up steam, many charities, organizations, and other engaging in the laundry detergent fundraisers are starting to put the final touches on their marketing campaigns.

It is likely that you have some strategies in place. Examples include email, direct mail postings, postcards, flyers, and even a social media page; however, what about a Facebook Event?

These are special events are customized pages that may be used by nonprofits that can invite supporters to their events – such as private events, meetings, festivals, etc…. If you do not hold a Facebook Event, you could be missing out on revenue that you may be able to experience with your laundry detergent fundraiser.

Why Use Facebook Events?

Currently, there are approximately 1.4 billion people on Facebook. That accounts for 72% of all adults that are currently online.

If you start a Facebook Event Page, you can post all relevant updates about your laundry detergent fundraiser, provide important logistics, include details about the event, and even post promotions about your fundraiser.

This is a wonderful way to gather supporters for your event!

Add a Personal Touch

Facebook is a social media site that includes a personal touch. You may connect, personally, with others that have a passion about your fundraising purpose and mission and provide personal updates on the progression of your fundraiser.

It is important to communicate often and to add a personal touch to your updates. If your followers are able to connect to you on a personal level, they are sure to support your cause and help find support for your cause.

Include Keywords, Descriptions, and Posts

In order to truly harness the power of your Facebook Events Page, you should include keywords, descriptions, and lots of posts. Not only will this allow you to keep your supporters in the loop on your fundraiser’s progress, but, you will rank high in search engines and will attract new supporters.

Facebook Events are more than just throwing your products out there, it is about attracting new people to help support your event.

If you want to learn different strategies that will help you promote your laundry detergent fundraiser, visit our blog at Sudz Fundraising today. We have a multitude of articles that will teach you how to do that, and more!

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