Overcome the Physical Demands of Being in a Marching Band with Muscle Armor by Route 40

June 17, 2019

According to medical professionals, physical therapists, and researchers, teenagers and young adults that are part of a marching band are faced with many of the exact same physical-based demands as professional athletes. These young musicians face the same potential for strain and injury; however, without the same medical oversight that is provided to athletes.

These young musicians face the same potential for strain and injury; however, without the same medical oversight that is provided to athletes.

A Highly Physical Task

When in a marching band, you will have to learn to march in sync with others. You will have to practice one formation after another. You must pay close attention to others on your team, and your location on the dots. In addition to this, you must play an instrument. All of this while attempting to control your breathing and maintaining a sturdy, upright, and uniform posture can be highly demanding on the body. It is a highly physical task that takes a large amount of strength, stamina, and physical agility. More than 95% of all students experience sore muscles and/or stiffness after practice. Nearly 40% suffer from injuries. Nearly all experience bouts of nausea, fatigue, feeling of faintness, and even heat-related complications.

Short Season, Time Consuming Practices

Because of the fact that marching band season is a relatively short one, most students will be pushed and encouraged to simply get through whatever pain that they are experiencing. Given the repetition and the long, excruciating practices, most students come out of practices extremely tender and sore. The practices alone can result in injuries that are caused by the repetition and the stress of the repetition. Unfortunately, the marching band of a school commonly does not equip the field with medical staff, like other sports. As a result, participants are left to contend with the physical effects of practice on their own.

Muscle Armor

Muscle Armor is a specially-designed product currently offered by Route 40. This was created for athletes who truly push the limits while working out. Being that musicians are now considered to be athletes, this is perfect for those that suffer from the physical demands of the marching band. It is a roll-on product that should be applied to the joints, the muscles, and any other area that is hurt, stiff, or inflamed. It should be used prior to practices and immediately after practices to help with the body’s natural recovery process. Best of all, it incorporates the use of all-natural products, contains no gluten, and is packaged in containers that are BPA free. If you are in a marching band, this is a highly recommended product. If you are the parent of a teen or young adult marching band member, click HERE to learn more about this safe and highly effective product.

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