Burden of Pain Becoming Common Among Middle-Aged to Elderly

According to studies, the burden of pain on people considered middle-aged to the elderly is becoming increasingly common. It has been established that pain detrimentally impacts more people in the United States than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, altogether.

middle aged man in pain

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies state that 100 million people in the United States, alone, suffers from chronic pain. The total cost of pain each year is in excess of 600 billion, which accounts for medical expenses, lost wages, low productivity, and disability. At least 20% of all people in America claim that pain detrimentally impacts their ability to sleep 3 or more nights a week. If you are interested in raising money for your cause and/or organization, you should start with a product that will help the 100 million+ people in the nation that are in pain. Here at Sudz Fundraising, that product is Pain-B-Gone.


pain b gone eliminates painWhat is Pain-B-Gone?

Pain-B-Gone is a topical-based, all-natural analgesic that is designed to relieve pain associated with the muscles, the joints, the head, the feet, and numerous medical conditions. Examples of the conditions that this amazing product may help alleviate symptoms includes – but, is not at all limited to – fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, back pain, and diabetes. This product is composed of essential oils and carrier oils. The ingredients include the following:


  • Safflower
  • Apricot Kernel
  • Menthol Crystals
  • Peppermint
  • Cassia
  • Camphor
  • Cajuput
  • Clove Leaf
  • Corn mint
  • Vitamin E


Natural or Prescription?

Most individuals that suffer from pain visit their primary care provider and are issued a prescription to alleviate the discomfort. Which is better, though, natural products or a prescription? In order to truly answer that question, let us review some facts from the National Drug Control Office:


  • Immediately following marijuana, prescription medications are the most abused drugs in the nation.
  • Pain reliever abuse increased times four from the years of 1998 to 2008.
  • Deaths caused by prescription pain medications are considered to be exceptionally high, in comparison to other types of drugs.
  • Emergency room visits related to prescription pain relievers has more than doubled in the past decade.
  • Pain results in excess of $635 million in costs each year.


Based on these facts, coping with pain on a natural level is the ideal choice.

Pain Elimination Fundraiser

While we here at Sudz Fundraising offer a multitude of items that may be used for a fundraising event, Pain-B-Gone is becoming increasingly popular. There is an immense demand for natural products that help to increase the comfort levels of those that suffer from pain. These may be marketed to your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Additionally, they may be marketed to traditional brick and mortar businesses such as stores that specialize in natural products, health products, and other items that are similar in nature. You may also market these items to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, clinics, hospitals, and sporting complexes.

If you are ready to market to an audience that has a need for which you may offer a solution, get started with us today:
 Order Pain B Gone



Good Planning Goes into Good Fundraisers

When your organization is going to have a fundraiser, careful planning is needed to make it as successful as possible. Ideally, more than one person is involved in the planning and execution but it often falls on one person to do most of the work in pulling it all together. This makes it all the more important to choose a company that makes the job easier.


Besides offering products that are easy to sell, you want a company that makes scheduling your fundraiser easy, has no minimum order requirements and preferably offers free shipping. It also makes it easier to plan your fundraising goal if there is a flat percentage on every sale your organization makes no matter how much or how little is sold. This makes keeping track of how much you raised simpler.


Fundraising should be as simple as setting the start and end dates, providing order forms to your group, collecting orders and money at the end of the fundraiser, sending in the orders along with payment, receiving the shipped products and, after checking to be sure all products are there, delivering to buyers. It may seem like a lot to do but it is the basic progression of a fundraiser. Some companies make it more complicated by adding extra steps.


Another quality to look for in a good fundraising company is offering more than one option to send payment for the products ordered. Since products are usually not shipped until the payment clears, mailing a physical check can result in a delay in shipping. While this might be the preferred way to pay for some, others prefer to pay online or over the phone electronically as it means products will be shipped a bit sooner.


Last but certainly not least, you want a company that offers products that are easy to sell. The products that sell the easiest are products that people need and use regularly. People don’t need more candy bars or gift wrap. They do need laundry and dish detergent, trash bags and storage bags though. Clean burning scented candles sell well too.


What company offers easy to organize fundraising with easy to sell products, gives you 30% of every sale and three payment options as well as free shipping? Sudz Fundraising is that company. Take a look at the products to see for yourself and then present this fundraising idea to your organization.


Visit https://sudzfundraising.com to learn how Sudz can help you make planning your organization’s next fundraiser easy.

When Fall Activities Get Complicated, Fundraising Doesn’t Have to Be

Fall brings cooler weather, the bright colors of the changing leaves and a lot of activity. Youth football players, cheerleaders, school bands, choirs and high school service clubs are in full swing and need to raise funds to cover some of their expenses. You know that it won’t be long and you will have kids at your door selling all kinds of things you don’t really need. You might be in charge of the fundraising efforts of one of them. Wouldn’t it be nice if your organization offered something a little different than the usual candy bars, popcorn, giftwrap and such?

A better fundraising deal would be wonderful too. With the percentage based on sales with most fundraisers, the pressure to sell a lot of products can be stressful. One company doesn’t have a minimum order requirement and doesn’t base the percentage the fundraisers make on how many products are sold. This means your group or organization makes more per fundraising campaign without having to sell a large number of products.

In addition to 30% of every sale, you will have an easier time selling these products because they are products people need and use regularly. Everyone uses laundry and dish detergent, soaps and cleaners of various types, trash bags and food storage bags. This company also offers soy candles in many popular scents and a candle making kit. Your group will have no trouble selling any of these items.

The company is Sudz Fundraising and once you use them for your fundraising, you may never consider any other fundraiser because customers will want to order from you again. Whether you are raising funds for a trip for a marching band, concert choir, cheerleading squad or to help provide for needy families during the holidays, you may very well meet and exceed your fundraising goal and take less time in doing it.

Fall is a beautiful time of year. It is even nicer with a fundraiser that is easy and gives your group a bigger percentage. With Sudz as your regular fundraiser, your group may be able to take more trips, participate in more events or provide for more families at holiday time than you have been able to in the past.

For a fundraiser that really cleans up, visit Sudz Fundraising at https://sudzfundraising.com/ to find out more about how to make the most of your fundraising efforts. Sudz Fundraiser can make a difference in raising funds for your group this fall.

How To Create Great Graphics For Your Fundraiser

Most people want to knock their fundraising numbers out of the park and will go to great lengths to raise the most money possible.

If you’ve seen someone put together really great images for their fundraiser and you want to know how to make your flyers and other materials look professional and really “POP,” check this out…

There’s a “Secret Weapon” many people use to create really awesome images for their fundraisers.

Below are some sample graphics we made in just minutes with a tool called Canva. Most people think you need someone who knows Photoshop to create great graphics. These days, all you need is a free account at Canva.

canva fundraising flyer design
Created with Canva
Fundraising gift certificate
Created with Canva
fundraising graphics
Created with Canva


And the person who designed these images has no Photoshop or image editing skills whatsoever! In fact, before they made these images for their fundraiser, they’d never touched photo editing software of any kind.

How to Use Canva

The following tutorial is 28 minutes long. It is NOT necessary to even watch this short video to learn Canva. You can just go in right now and start playing with designs because it is hyper-intuitive.

But if you really want to get into some cool stuff and advance your skills, this video is a great place to start!

Canva is the little wonder tool that makes amateur graphic designers look like total pros. We recommend it to all of our fundraising clients for their flyers and other graphics needed to pull off a successful fundraiser. Check it out today!

It’s that Time of Year- Fall Fundraising!

Crisp air, pumpkin spice everything and the emergence of holiday candy on store shelves all mark that decidedly wonderful time of the year known as fall! Along with all the burlap, scarecrows and harvest style décor, come back to school days and you guessed it, fundraising! Here are some possible fundraising options to consider this year.

School Sports

Seems like there is never enough money for school sports programs. Whether the team needs funds for travel, new equipment or uniforms, a well-placed fundraiser can take the pressure off both parents and school officials. Need new basketball nets? Does the swim team need a reserve for overnight stays if they go to nationals?

Arts Programs

Theater and art programs are another area severely underfunded in the public school system, which is really sad considering the benefits to students. Studies show arts programs are important educational tools for language development, motor skills and cultural awareness. Fundraisers can help furnish much-needed supplies and funds for field trips.

Disaster Relief

Every year, it seems there is another area of the world hard hit by natural disasters. What better way to teach children about their civic duties and giving back than operating a fundraiser for disaster relief? Whether the disaster happens close to home or halfway around the globe, there is always a way to give back and ease the burdens of those most affected.


Product Options

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to organize a school fundraiser, the only question remains is what type of products should you offer? SUDZ offers a unique fundraising approach by offering products the average American household uses every single day.

Sample Products:

  • Fabric softener
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags
  • Linen sprays
  • Bug repellent
  • Much, Much More!

These are high quality products similar to ones used every single day in households around the globe. They are a proprietary blend created for SUDZ fundraisers.

Putting together your next fundraiser has never been easier. Determine your start and end days, arm your little troops with their order forms, collect orders and money, place order and you are done. Earn up to $3500 or more per campaign!

Why focus your fundraising on chocolates, wrapping paper or expensive meat trays when there is a full line of household products available instead? Every student lives in a home where laundry must be washed, trash has to be bagged and surfaces need to be cleaned. This fundraising option is really a no-brainer!

Get Started on the Easiest Fundraiser You’ve ever Done!


Create Multiple Streams of Income by Making Candles and Selling Supplies

In today’s world of economic hardship, many individuals are branching out and creating side businesses in order to increase their income. In years past, many turned to affiliate programs in order to make a little side cash. There were others that opted to participate in paid survey opportunities. Many even elected to start a video marketing business on YouTube. While many made money with these ideas, it was often not very much.

Now, there is a new income opportunity available – making candles. Best of all, if you sell candle making supplies, you don’t even have to spend any money to get started!

How to Get Started – For FREE!

Now that I have your interest, let’s address the question that is now in your mind – how do I get started in candle making for free? That is super simple! Simply start a fundraiser with us here at Sudz Fundraising and promote the candle making supply kit that we offer! You can offer these kits to your family members, your friends, your neighbors – just about anyone that has a desire to make a little extra cash and would like to learn a new trade. The kit includes the following:

  • 3 pre-wicked jars, complete with lids and labels
  • A 36-ounce bag of wax flakes, made from all-natural soy
  • Fragrance oil
  • Tutorials, with video links

You simply promote these items and get people to purchase. In turn, you will raise the funds that are needed to start your OWN candle making business! It is THAT simple! Transition your profits into a potentially lucrative business!

Make Your Own

Once you have made enough through your fundraiser to purchase your own candle making supplies, simply buy one or more of the same kits that you have been promoting and selling. Then, you follow the instructions listed through the tutorial and video links that are in the kit. You may then customize your candles in order to bring something new and unique to the market.

For example, you could experiment with different scents, add glitter or paint to your candles to enhance their appearance, or just glue some shells or rope around the jars! You may then sell your candles on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or at a local craft and trade show, a flea market, or your own yard sale!

If you are ready to get started, check out our

Candle Making Kit

Sudz Fundraising – Your One Stop Source to Generating Lucrative Profits, Fast!

Fundraising – one of life’s most challenging, yet necessary tasks. When thinking of fundraising, most people think of selling candy bars, greeting cards, or even overly-priced wrapping paper. Many consider the arduous task of going door-to-door attempting to get just one sale.

Oftentimes, these common fundraising events result in massive amounts of work and low profits. If you need to raise money, it is quite likely that you need to raise a lot. You need massive profits to accomplish your goals – it does not matter if you are raising money for a sports team, the homeless in your area, or just to engage in a special event or activity. You need real money – not pennies on the dollar.

This is where Sudz Fundraising comes into play. This company has created a fundraiser event that allows you to enjoy lucrative profits, fast!


The Fundamentals

Sudz Fundraising offers a multitude of items that everyone needs – laundry soap, fabric softener, dish, bath, and body soaps, cleaning supplies, and stain fighters! Individuals need and budget for these items each and every single month. In addition to this, hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities, and all types of businesses require one or more of these items.


The products are healthy, economical, and allow you to promote items that are needed and used on a regular basis! You may even find that you get repeat customers with Sudz Fundraising! On AVERAGE, groups earn anywhere from $2,000 up to $3,500 on just ONE fundraising event! We here at Sudz Fundraising believe in the power of providing the necessities and strive to help all of our participants reach the absolute highest level of success!




Now that you know our products will result in massive levels of success, it is time to expound a bit on pricing. First and foremost, you do NOT have to have a minimum amount of orders. That – in itself – is much different than a lot of the traditional fundraisers. When your group gets the event going, you will earn 30% of all of the sales that you make! In addition to the previously mentioned items, we also offer other types of luxury items that you may profit. Examples include candle making kits, sprays, bug repellants, pain analgesic medications, sun protection items, lotion bars, therapeutic bars, packs, and even trash bags!

Getting Started

Getting started with us here at Sudz Fundraising is very simple! All you have to do is click HERE to register your team, organization, and/or group. Once you are registered, you may start your event.

Best of all, when your supporters find that they need more of the products, they can just place their order for more and YOU reap the monetary rewards! Now considered to be the top-rated fundraiser in the nation, we are ready to help you achieve the financial success that you desire!

To learn more about what we have to offer and to request a free sample, click on the following link today: https://sudzfundraising.com/

Introducing Essential Oil Infused Natural Line of Products

We are dedicated to providing you – our valued customer – with the safest natural products at the highest-quality possible.

We are now offering essential oil infused products through Route 40 Candle Company. Products ranging from candles composed of soy, cube melts, lotions, pest repellents, sun protection bars, linen sprays, toilet sprays, lip balms, deodorants, to products that are designed to alleviate pain in butter creams and roll-ons.

Throughout history, essential oils have been utilized by various cultures around the world to enhance the health and lives of millions of people. Now, Route40 offers you these exquisite high-quality, great-smelling products at the most competitive prices!

Essential Oils

Essential oils – in the simplest of terms – are exceptionally high concentrated versions of the natural oils that are found in various plants, worldwide. The exotic oils are pulled from these plants through distillation. This process utilizes either standard water and/or steam in order to retrieve the purest substances within the roots of plants, the leaves, the stems that are part of the plant, the bark, and/or the flowers.

Once transferred from the internal regions of the plant, the oils emit a fragrance and various other distinguishable properties and characteristics of the plants in which it was derived. These properties include those that aid in healing, protection, and optimizing a person’s health – both physiologically and psychologically.

Numerous Benefits

According to our ancestors, various cultures around the world, and even professionals that specialize in health optimization and the medical field, there are numerous benefits associated with utilizing natural products that are infused with high-quality natural oils.

Many believe that these scented products have the ability to attract positive energy and repel negativity. Then, there are those that believe that the products work with the unique chemistry and composition of the brain in order to stimulate, relax, or even provide a sense of balance to us in our bodies, our minds, and even our spirits.

Essential oils and oil infused products are often used to relax, renew, and revitalize. Our new line of essential oil infused natural products does all of this, and more!

Integrity and Quality Comes First

Our naturally infused products come from only the highest quality oils and plants from around the world. Our products are tested internally and externally to ensure that usage is 100% safe. Our products are not diluted in order to maximize profits. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Our products have the highest and safest level of oil concentrations in order to maximize the benefits that you experience. We put our customers first and strive, diligently, to make certain that you receive the maximum benefits associated with our products.

We practice integrity by being transparent about our ingredients and our processes to create our line of products.

You will find that no inorganic additives and potentially toxic substances are contained within our products. If you are ready to take a step to optimal mental health, optimal physical health, and optimal spiritual health, our natural oil infused line of products is the way to go!

Visit the shop at Route 40 Candles to view the new product line.

Start a Fundraiser for America Homeless Assistance Program

Throughout the past couple of years, the laundry detergent fundraiser that we offer here at Sudz Fundraising has resulted in a massive amount of funds being accumulated for various sports teams, groups, organizations, and facilities. This week, we feel it is important to focus on an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States – homelessness.

america homeless

According to figures, it has been estimated that nearly 700,000 people in America are classified as being “homeless”. Nearly 50 million individuals in the nation go to bed each night experiencing hunger and not knowing where their next meal will come from. Additionally, over 45 million of all Americans actually live in poverty. One organization that specializes in homelessness assistance is the Volunteers of America. Now, you can use the laundry detergent fundraiser to raise funds to donate to this ministry.

The Outreach

Volunteers of America reaches out to those that are homeless in numerous ways. They have special street units and mobile units that allow them to come in contact with youth in trouble, adults that have housing needs, and families that require homes.

Many of the individuals that they work with are just like you and I – only, a devastating and/or traumatic event has pushed them to a point where they are unable to support themselves and acquire even the most basic of needs. These events may include the loss of a job due to layoffs, economic hardships, or automation, an illness and/or injury, or a death of a loved one. The development of a disability, transportation problems, and issues that are similar in nature may have also contributed to their current situation.

Regardless, there are people right here in our country that require help and this organization strives to provide that help. Now, the laundry detergent fundraiser can help us raise money that we may donate to their cause.

Services Offered

The Volunteers of America offer a wide range of services and programs that aid the homeless in our nation. It must be understood that providing a home is often not the only solution to helping the homeless. The organization helps people become stable. It helps them become members of their communities. It helps people become productive citizens.

Services such as help in acquiring benefits, assisting in transportation, educational training, job training, helping veterans, emergency shelters, supportive housing, and transitional housing are all services that are designed to help a person transition from someone that is homeless to a productive member of society that is able to effectively support themselves and pursue their dreams.

The Fundraiser

One of the best aspects to the laundry detergent fundraiser is the fact that everyone uses laundry products. People in your neighborhood, people in your town, medical facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and yes, even homeless shelters! Now, you can raise money from items that most everyone and several businesses and organizations actually budget each month for!

If you are ready to play your part in enriching the lives of others, get started with the laundry detergent fundraiser today and donate the proceeds to the Volunteers of America: https://orders.sudzfundraising.com/

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