How To Create Great Graphics For Your Fundraiser

Most people want to knock their fundraising numbers out of the park and will go to great lengths to raise the most money possible. If you’ve seen someone put together really great images for their fundraiser and you want to know how to make your flyers and other materials look professional and really “POP,” check […]

It’s that Time of Year- Fall Fundraising!

Crisp air, pumpkin spice everything and the emergence of holiday candy on store shelves all mark that decidedly wonderful time of the year known as fall! Along with all the burlap, scarecrows and harvest style décor, come back to school days and you guessed it, fundraising! Here are some possible fundraising options to consider this […]

Create Multiple Streams of Income by Making Candles and Selling Supplies

In today’s world of economic hardship, many individuals are branching out and creating side businesses in order to increase their income. In years past, many turned to affiliate programs in order to make a little side cash. There were others that opted to participate in paid survey opportunities. Many even elected to start a video […]

Sudz Fundraising – Your One Stop Source to Generating Lucrative Profits, Fast!

Fundraising – one of life’s most challenging, yet necessary tasks. When thinking of fundraising, most people think of selling candy bars, greeting cards, or even overly-priced wrapping paper. Many consider the arduous task of going door-to-door attempting to get just one sale. Oftentimes, these common fundraising events result in massive amounts of work and low […]

Introducing Essential Oil Infused Natural Line of Products

We are dedicated to providing you – our valued customer – with the safest natural products at the highest-quality possible. We are now offering essential oil infused products through Route 40 Candle Company. Products ranging from candles composed of soy, cube melts, lotions, pest repellents, sun protection bars, linen sprays, toilet sprays, lip balms, deodorants, […]

Start a Fundraiser for America Homeless Assistance Program

Throughout the past couple of years, the laundry detergent fundraiser that we offer here at Sudz Fundraising has resulted in a massive amount of funds being accumulated for various sports teams, groups, organizations, and facilities. This week, we feel it is important to focus on an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United […]

Creative Ways to Cover Adult Day Care Expenses

If you are caring for an individual that has a serious medical condition that requires consistent supervision and care and you must tend to other responsibilities throughout the day, you are in need of adult day care services. Unfortunately, this may prove to be very costly. In fact, many have discovered that the services actually […]

Tips for Massive Success with a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

If you have recently signed up with the laundry detergent fundraiser, you have taken the very first step towards achieving your financial goal for your organization, team, group, or facility. Congratulations! You have made a sound choice in terms of fundraising options. Unlike other fundraisers that specialize in over-priced merchandise that is often unnecessary and […]

What Fundraising Teaches Children

Every parent knows the school year ushers in a season inundated with pencils, paper, folders, glue, tissues and fundraisers. While there is a fair amount of frustration that can come along with fundraising, it is important to understand it is not just about the money. Children are actually learning some valuable life lessons. Goal Setting […]

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