Tips for a Successful Softball Fundraiser

If you are ready to rake in the profits for your team, start a softball fundraiser and hit a home run today! “Softball” and “fundraising” – these two words are exciting on their own. But when you put them together “softball fundraiser” often instills dread, anxiety, and excessive worry. This does not have to be […]

Baseball Fundraising Tips for 2018

Baseball fundraising is about as traditional as the game itself. There are many unique reasons why baseball teams attempt to raise money. These include covering and/or offsetting the costs associated with registrations, baseball uniforms, baseball equipment, to cover coaching, and/or expenses associated with travel. Regardless of your financial needs, there is an effective way to […]

5 Reasons Why Sudz Fundraising is the Best Choice for Year-Round Fundraising Campaigns

Do you engage in fundraising throughout the year? Is your school, religious organization, community club, or charity in need of additional funds? Do you often find yourself coming up short with all of those common fundraisers that result in ridiculously low profit margins, such as candy bar selling, selling wrapping paper, and donut fundraisers? Are […]

Reduce Your Chance of Skin Cancer with the Sun Pack at Sudz

According to statistics, in excess of 5.4 million unique cases of the nonmelanoma-type of skin cancer are treated in the United States. Annually, there are more cases of skin cancer than the combined cases of any other type of cancer. The good news is, you can reduce your chance of becoming the next skin cancer […]

There’s Never been an Easier, More Profitable Fundraiser

Easy, Profitable Fundraising is Here The secret to a profitable fundraiser that’s simple to run and easy to understand is finally out. It involves an objective where patrons enjoy seeing you because they know they’ll use what they buy instead of tucking it away in the closet to find years later. The answer is Sudz […]

Spirit Wear Apparel Now Open and Taking Orders!

Sudz Fundraising has a brand new sister company. Spirit Wear Apparel is offering custom shirts with any design you want on them. The quality is as good as the big well known companies offer but without the minimum order requirements most of them have. You can order one shirt or several dozen. Just send them […]

Burden of Pain Becoming Common Among Middle-Aged to Elderly

According to studies, the burden of pain on people considered middle-aged to the elderly is becoming increasingly common. It has been established that pain detrimentally impacts more people in the United States than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, altogether. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies state that 100 million people in the United […]

Good Planning Goes into Good Fundraisers

When your organization is going to have a fundraiser, careful planning is needed to make it as successful as possible. Ideally, more than one person is involved in the planning and execution but it often falls on one person to do most of the work in pulling it all together. This makes it all the […]

When Fall Activities Get Complicated, Fundraising Doesn’t Have to Be

Fall brings cooler weather, the bright colors of the changing leaves and a lot of activity. Youth football players, cheerleaders, school bands, choirs and high school service clubs are in full swing and need to raise funds to cover some of their expenses. You know that it won’t be long and you will have kids […]

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