What Company Offers the Most Choices for Fundraising Campaigns?

If you need variety, value, and quality when it comes to your fundraising campaign, Sudz Fundraising is the way to go!

Sudz Fundraising offers a variety of products for fundraising campaigns.

What is Sudz Fundraising?

Jeremy started with a baseball fundraiserSudz Fundraising is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in providing teams, organizations, facilities, businesses, and other groups with a wide variety of tools and resources to raise money for their unique needs and endeavors.

The initial idea for the company came to the CEO, Jeremy Kean, when he was tasked with raising funds for his own baseball team that traveled regularly. Since opening in the year of 2013, Sudz Fundraising has helped in excess of 400 different groups raise money to support their goals, aspirations, and groups.

Fundraising is proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission…”Henri

What Types of Fundraisers Does the Company Offer?

Sudz Fundraising offers laundry soaps, laundry supplies, household items and Route 40 Home & Wellness products. Examples of these items include all-natural soy-based candles, a wide assortment of melts, essential oils, products infused with essential oils, pain relief sprays, air fresheners, and more!

Check out our online store to see the variety of products we offer.

What Makes a Sudz Fundraising Campaign So Different?

Traditional fundraisers – though inspirational in thought – generally focus on promoting items that are unhealthy, unneeded, and unnecessary. Items include various types of delicious chocolates, beautiful greeting cards, decorative items that are highly appealing, wrapping paper for all occasions, and items that are similar in nature.

While it is NICE to have these items, it is not NECESSARY.

Sudz Fundraising actually offers products that are NECESSARY and hold the quality and value that also make them NICE to have.

In addition to this, the profits offered on all of the fundraising products offered by Sudz Fundraising are immensely high! Unlike traditional chocolates that may give you a 50-cent profit and take a long time to build up to meet your needs, the profits are typically several dollars per product at Sudz!

What Are the Benefits of Using This Fundraising Company?

Utilizing Sudz Fundraising is highly advantageous. The following outlines the main benefits, according to those that have utilized our system:

  1. First, every item is in need by every person you meet.
  2. The items may be used by those in the private sector and those in the commercial sector, the health sector, the pet care sector, the industrial sector, and more!
  3. All of the products offered through Sudz Fundraising are healthy and many are known to actually optimize the physical and mental health!
  4. The products that you will promote through Sudz are higher quality than most items offered at retailers and actually cost less!
  5. You may make an immense amount of money by creating a steady customer base. For example, if someone you sold to in the past runs out of a product, they may immediately reorder and you reap the monetary benefits! Most groups average – at least – $2,000 to $3,000, or MORE – for their fundraiser event.

How Do I Get Started?

Are you ready to start raking in the profits? If so, start your fundraiser now by visiting us here: https://sudzfundraising.com/start-sale

February Fundraising – Get Your Game on for Your Spring Fundraiser

Sports fundraising is becoming exceptionally important; a necessity, if you will….

It does not matter if you have a softball team, baseball team, basketball team, a bowling team, or a cheerleading team, the costs associated with these exciting endeavors are increasing rapidly.

Registration fees, uniform expenses, money needed to travel, and the costs of sporting and safety equipment is on the rise and, often, a lot more than a typical team budget is capable of handling. Most teams, leagues, and organizations must now fall back on fundraiser activities in an effort to meet and offset the costs.

The good news is, you can start on your spring fundraiser NOW.

Fundraiser Options

When opting to initiate a fundraiser for your softball team, baseball team, or other type of sports-based team, league, or organization, you will find that you have many options at your disposal. The most common money-making ideas include sports scratch cards, cookie dough tubs, candy fundraisers, and specialty fundraisers, such as selling coffee or greeting cards. While each of these events may be fun to engage in, they do not offer the profits that you will need to meet your financial obligations. Plus, they do not promote items of necessity. You must opt for an event that will meet the needs of your client-base and will result in immense monetary rewards.

Action precedes funding. Planning precedes action….” – Unknown

Opt for Laundry Soap

Now, if there is one thing that everyone needs in life, it is laundry soap and all of the associated laundering items. Examples include pods, fabric softener products, and dryer sheets.

If you have a desire to reap huge financial rewards, you have to try a laundry detergent fundraiser.

Not only will you be promoting items that everyone uses and budgets for, you could make $12 per sale. The more you sale, the more you make per sale.

Now, consider this – you sell 200 containers of laundry soap. That is – at least – $2,400 in profits! Now, just think of how much of a financial difference that $2,400 could bring to your sports team, league, or organization.

Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe….” – G.T Smith

That’s Not All, Though

Here at Sudz Fundraising, we offer high-quality laundry detergents and laundering products that are not only comparable to the name brands offered in stores, but, are generally much less expensive.

Already, you have a winner! That is not all that we offer, though!

We also offer all-natural soy candles, highly durable trash bags, dishwashing liquid, Pain-B-Gone, baggies, dishwater pods, pumps and accessories, hair care products, oxi products, hand soap, lotion bars that are highly therapeutic, pain care products, candle making kits, sprays, lotions, bug deterrent products, and sun protection products! Each and every single product we offer will offer your team immense financial gains!

Get Started Now

Why allow your softball team, your baseball team, or other sporting team to continue suffering financially? Why make pennies per sale when you can make several dollars per sale? February is a great time to get started on that spring fundraiser! Simply click the following link to get going on a team-changer and to truly get your game on: https://sudzfundraising.com/contact-us/


Tips for a Successful Softball Fundraiser

If you are ready to rake in the profits for your team, start a softball fundraiser and hit a home run today!

girl pitching softball

“Softball” and “fundraising” – these two words are exciting on their own. But when you put them together “softball fundraiser” often instills dread, anxiety, and excessive worry. This does not have to be the case, though.

Today, there are several different fundraising ideas that are perfect for girls that have a desire to fund their softball team. It does not matter if it is equipment, uniforms, or money to cover travel expenses, the ideas in this guide will help you reach your goals.

A bucket a day keeps the strikeouts away….”

All-Natural Soy Candles

In today’s world of environmentally-conscious individuals that are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, while optimizing their health and home, all-natural soy candles are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do these products come in amazing fragrances that are sure to delight the senses, they hold aroma therapeutic value that will improve one’s mental and physical health. If your softball team is in need of financial resources in order to participate in gaming activities, a fundraiser in selling all-natural soy candles is the way to go! With scents such as honey crisp apple cider, pumpkin spice, sugared apple, and white gardenia, these products are sure to appeal to potential supporters!

Household Products

If your softball team is interested in a more practical fundraiser, opt for one that allows you to sell household products. These include trash bags, cleaning products, baggies, melts, and more! In most instances, your potential supporters will have a set amount budgeted to these items. The only difference is, instead of spending more at the store, they can purchase high-quality items that cost significantly less from your team!

Laundry Products

If your softball team is ready to truly hit multiple homeruns – in terms of their fundraising efforts – get involved in a laundry products fundraiser! Not only will your team sell standard laundry soaps, but they will also be able to sell laundry detergent pods, fabric softener products, oxy help products, and more! The average profits from this type of fundraiser is exceptionally higher than any other fundraiser currently available to sports teams.

The high-quality products include those that are similar to Tide, Gain, and other top-market laundry product manufacturers. Best of all, there is no minimum order amount required, your softball team will earn a total of 30% of all of the sales made, and if you exceed the $1500 profit threshold, shipping is absolutely FREE!

If you and your team are ready to hit a homerun with your softball fundraiser, get started with us today: Learn how it works


Baseball Fundraising Tips for 2018

Baseball fundraising is about as traditional as the game itself. There are many unique reasons why baseball teams attempt to raise money. These include covering and/or offsetting the costs associated with registrations, baseball uniforms, baseball equipment, to cover coaching, and/or expenses associated with travel.

Regardless of your financial needs, there is an effective way to raise money for your baseball team. That is, by selling laundry products and other products for the home through Sudz Fundraising.

To make the most of your fundraising endeavors for 2018, we have compiled a list of things you should keep in mind while pursuing monetary assistance from those in and around your community.

In Order to Raise Money, You Have to Ask

While no one is ever completely comfortable requesting money from someone, if you need to raise money, you have to ask for it. In order to ask in such a way that you experience favorable results, it is essential that you make the needs of your team known. Oftentimes, people simply enjoy baseball, without considering the fact that a lot of money actually goes into the game. Others do not realize how nonprofits and sports teams make their money or that they need money. They just assume – if the game is on – that the financing behind the team is in order. You should make a list of the amount that you need and how the funds will be spent. You should then ask for people to donate to your cause, outlining both your needs and how the money will be spent.

Follow-Up with Immediate Appreciation

Once an individual, group, or a business has supported your baseball fundraiser, it is critical that you immediately follow-up by showing your appreciation. You may write thank you notes, send a thank you card, or publicly thank the person, group, or business on social media pages or your website. People – typically – thoroughly enjoy helping others and contributing to baseball teams. Whether they admit it or not, they also enjoy being appreciated. Take this step and you are sure to create loyal donors that will continuously assist with your baseball fundraisers.

The Three Basic Traits of a Successful Baseball Fundraiser

If you are running a baseball fundraiser, you must know and understand that there are three basic traits of a successful baseball fundraiser. These are as follows:

  1. You must have a solid belief in your baseball team and your cause.
  2. You should always have low expectations about your baseball fundraiser, but maintain high hopes for success.
  3. Finally, you must have a strong level of faith in all of the “goodness” that each person in the world possesses.

If you make your baseball team’s needs known, are able to successfully ask for money, follow-up with a high level of appreciation for each person that supports your baseball fundraiser, and know and exhibit the three traits of a successful fundraiser, you are sure to find that the year 2018 brings you a high level of success in your baseball fundraising endeavors!

5 Reasons Why Sudz Fundraising is the Best Choice for Year-Round Fundraising Campaigns

Do you engage in fundraising throughout the year? Is your school, religious organization, community club, or charity in need of additional funds? Do you often find yourself coming up short with all of those common fundraisers that result in ridiculously low profit margins, such as candy bar selling, selling wrapping paper, and donut fundraisers? Are you tired of raising pennies on the dollar? Would you like to earn dollars on the pennies, instead?


If you are ready for a fundraiser campaign that is fun, entertaining, offers a necessary product, and has a very high profit margin, Sudz Fundraising is the way to go!

Here are 5 reasons why Sudz is the best choice for your year-round fundraising campaigns:

  1. Sudz Fundraising offers a product that is needed by everyone – laundry detergent and other laundry products. Unlike other fundraisers, individuals budget for the items that are promoted already. In most instances, the laundry products at Sudz cost significantly less than the laundry products sold at the store. In ALL instances, the quality is equivalent to or exceeds that of the traditionally-purchased laundry products.
  2. Sudz offers a fundraiser that is easy and requires absolutely no explaining or hefty sales pitches! Everyone washes clothes, everyone needs laundry detergent, so the products are a must-have! This makes earning money super simple!
  3. Sudz Fundraising is a healthy, environmentally-friendly option for institutions, facilities, and organizations that need to raise money. No more promotion and sale of unhealthy, sweet, food products or unnecessary clutter that has the potential to harm our environment!
  4. The laundry detergent fundraiser offered through Sudz may be engaged in throughout the year and at all times of the year. It is not seasonal or designed for certain times. We all do laundry on a regular basis; therefore, the products may be sold on a regular basis.
  5. Selling laundry detergent products renders immensely high profits. On average, groups have the ability to earn anywhere from $2,000 to a whopping $3,500 for their organization, group, and/or team!

In addition to the many advantages outlined here, Sudz Fundraising offers groups the ability to promote and sell other types of commonly-used household items. These include storage bags, trash bags, candles and lotions!

If you are ready to break away from tradition and try something that works. Check out all our great products:
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Reduce Your Chance of Skin Cancer with the Sun Pack at Sudz

According to statistics, in excess of 5.4 million unique cases of the nonmelanoma-type of skin cancer are treated in the United States. Annually, there are more cases of skin cancer than the combined cases of any other type of cancer.

The good news is, you can reduce your chance of becoming the next skin cancer statistic by utilizing the new Sun Pack currently offered at Sudz.

love your skin

The Route 40 Apothecary Sun Pack at Sudz

sun pack

The Sun Pack by Route 40 Apothecary that is now available at Sudz Fundraising includes 3 distinct products that will protect your skin and your health from the potentially dangerous radiation and rays emitted by the sun. The items included in this potentially life-saving product include the Sun Bar, the After-Sun Bar, as well as Lip Balm. Below, you will find a brief description of each:

  • The Sun Bar is a naturally-created product that is designed to block the dangers of the sun. It includes the natural ingredients of mango butter, cocoa, oil from carrot seeds, oil derived from raspberry seeds, as well as a small amount of non-nano-based zinc oxide. Each of these ingredients – combined – offer the absolute highest level of SPF protection possible.
  • The After-Sun Bar is designed to rehydrate and provide nutrients to the skin after being subjected to the exposure of the sun. It contains a vast array of natural oils, numerous moisturizing butters, and a massive amount of aloe.
  • The Lip Balm provides protection for the thin layer of skin located on the lips. Unlike other skin regions, the skin on the lips does not have naturally hydrating pores. This balm provides a high level of moisture and combines butters and oils that offer a high level of protection from the rays of the sun, wind, and other extreme weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures.

Skin cancer occurs when there is an uncontrolled level of growth of skin cells that are not normal. Unrepaired DNA produces damage to the cells. This is most often a direct result ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun. This radiation triggers mutations in the skin cells, or underlying genetic defects. Then, this progresses into skin cancer. While small amounts of sun exposure are good for the body – in term’s of receiving certain vitamins, and regulating the natural sleep-wake cycle – excessive exposure and prolonged exposure can result in complete devastation to the skin and your overall health.

To reduce your chance for experiencing this devastating, get your Sun Pack today:

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There’s Never been an Easier, More Profitable Fundraiser

Easy, Profitable Fundraising is Here

The secret to a profitable fundraiser that’s simple to run and easy to understand is finally out. It involves an objective where patrons enjoy seeing you because they know they’ll use what they buy instead of tucking it away in the closet to find years later.

The answer is Sudz and the extended product line that’s available. Laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, and all-natural soy candle kits are just a few choices. Supporters can even forego the kit and get the candles already completed.

A four-part process delivers results you’ll find hard to believe:

  1. Establish a start and stop date for orders,
  2. Contact supporters for orders and collect the money.
  3. Submit the order and payment.
  4. Deliver the orders and enjoy the delighted smiles as consumers review their selections.

The hefty chunk of change to help your team, dance club, or other benefit is partially due to the streamlined pricing and shipping. There’s no minimum order amount; the group gets 30 percent pf the sales. However, an order of $1000 or more AFTER the 30 percent is take results in free shipping. Your group gets more!

Sudz Fundraising wants their customers to succeed at their task.  Teams need a company that has easy to sell products. It’s a perfect match. Another hint is to have intermittent sales that target a specific product. It’s an easy way to find out which items are top sellers and why the public prefers them.

With over a hundred million in the US suffering from chronic pain, it’s no surprise that a safe, easy to apply product that relieves the pain is a product that is needed and will be used. It can be given as a gift or kept for home use. Available through Sudz, it has the descriptive name of Pain-B-Gone.

It’s an all-natural, topical based analgesic that relieves joint, head, feet, and muscle pain. It has been reported to relieve pain caused by problems like arthritis, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

Carrier and essential oils are included in the ingredients, such as camphor, safflower, peppermint, and Vitamin E. Consumers, including your supporters, need and demand natural products that safely deliver pain relief. As Pain-B-Gone grows in recognition, it’s easier to market it in bulk orders to clinics, brick and mortar natural care products shops, and nursing homes. Think what a boon the sales would be to your fundraising.

Sudz makes it easy for your team to achieve its goal. There are no irritating, confusing instructions. Simply follow the steps above and focus on one or two best sellers. It’s always okay to let patrons order the usual products they enjoy. The opportunity to experience an easy fundraiser is in your hands. Enjoy the success.

To get going on the easiest most profitable fundraiser for your team, Start Here

Spirit Wear Apparel Now Open and Taking Orders!

Sudz Fundraising has a brand new sister company. Spirit Wear Apparel is offering custom shirts with any design you want on them. The quality is as good as the big well known companies offer but without the minimum order requirements most of them have. You can order one shirt or several dozen. Just send them a message with the design you want on the shirts and they will have your shirts done the way you want them.


They will make shirts with a personal message, a company or team logo or just about anything you can think of. Having a family reunion and want shirts for the whole family? They can do that. Does your bowling team, soccer team or baseball team need shirts as part of a uniform? They’ve got that covered too. Maybe you are in network marketing and want your team to be readily identified at a convention. Spirit Wear Apparel can help you do that.

bulldog soccer

You can even find a way to use Spirit Wear Apparel as part of your fundraising efforts through Sudz Fundraising. Your group can have shirts that identify who you are so people will remember you each time you call on them to order more of the great products you sell through Sudz. You might even consider selling Spirit Wear shirts along with Sudz products to increase the potential of your fundraising.


The shirts Spirit Wear offers are great quality in both the shirt itself and the printing. These are not just screen printed or vinyl iron-on designs. The shirts are not the only thing that is top quality with Spirit Wear either. Their customer service is top-notch just like you would expect of a company that has become a sister to a company of the caliber of Sudz.

The hardest decision you will have to make is deciding on a design for the shirts you order. Once you have that done, the rest is simple. Send the design to Spirit Wear Apparel, order the number of shirts you want, no matter the number of shirts and then wait for delivery.

Want to learn more about this great company? Visit their Facebook page to see some photos of their shirts and read what people are saying about them. Don’t be surprised if you start brainstorming design ideas right away. With a win/win opportunity like this, you just have to go with it. Go to https://www.facebook.com/spiritwearinc1/ to learn more about Spirit Wear Apparel. You will be glad you found out about this company.

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