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Raise money for bus trips, uniforms, instruments & competition - without driving your current supporters crazy!

How It Works
They did an amazing job for our group. We originally were fundraising with another company. We went to place our order and were blindsided with all these hidden fees we were not told about before we started our fundraiser. Not only did sudz bail us out even finding products for us they dont normally carry to fulfill our orders we needed filled, Lori gave us one on one customer service. She guided us through every step of the ordering and delivery. They even honored the prices and quantities that the other company charged us. Great experience and we cant thank them enough. 
Jennifer Eck, Cheer Coach

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In this Marching Band Fundraiser Ultimate Guide You Will:
Learn how you can make money for your group year round, without handling product or collecting money.
Be able to pick from several ideas to customize your teams fundraising efforts, allowing you to maximize profit and minimize work.
Get Access To My Trifecta Fundraising Template. This is a Proven Method That Works

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