Laundry Detergent Fundraiser voted #1 Travel Baseball Fundraiser

Laundry Detergent Fundraiser voted #1 Travel Baseball Fundraiser

baseball fundraiserBaseball Fundraising Ideas – The Top 5 Reasons Why the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser is voted #1 among Travel Baseball Coaches

While many baseball fundraising ideas abound, SUDZ travel baseball fundraiser has recently been voted #1 among coaches that specialize in travel baseball. This is a type of baseball where local, regional, and/or national teams are created by specific age groups.

The goal of such a team is to permit the players within the baseball team to compete against players that are liked-aged. This ensures that all players are matched with a team whose members are not only similar in age, but, are also similar in physical maturity, as well as skill level.

The play is considered to be much more consistent and has a higher competitive play rating than recreational baseball teams that mix and mingle various aged players. While this is now considered to be the prestigious alternative to recreational community-based baseball teams, it is also considered to be a large investment – both time-wise and financially speaking.

A travel baseball coach has a much different and demanding budget than a coach that specializes in recreational baseball games. As a result, travel coaches must have solid baseball fundraising ideas that will assist them in realistically meeting the demands of their team’s budget.

According to those that specialize in travel baseball fundraisers, the laundry detergent fundraiser is the #1 option when it comes to baseball fundraising ideas. In this guide, you will be introduced to the top 5 reasons why travel baseball coaches rank this fundraiser as #1.

The Travel Baseball Team’s Typical Budget Requirements
The budgeting requirements of the travel baseball team are much more than that of a recreational baseball team. While many of the expenses are common among both types of teams, the travel baseball team has many additional financial needs as a result of the travel expenses.

The following outlines the most common costs that will be included in a travel baseball team’s budget requirements:

  • The cost associated with the field that will be used for practice sessions.
  • The expenses of incorporating the team and acquiring insurance.
  • Fees pertaining to registering each of the players, as well as the team as a whole.
  • Any fees associated with tournaments.
  • The money required to compensate the coaches associated with the travel baseball team.
  • The price of equipment such as practice balls, catcher’s equipment, portable travel nets, first aid kits, scorebooks, cards used for lineups, bats, etc….
  • The cost of fuel used to travel.
  • Food costs for the team and their families.
  • Any type of accommodation costs.
  • The costs of the uniforms for the members of the team.

Top Advantages of the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser
Now that you know and understand what is included in the typical travel baseball team budget, you can clearly see that it is absolutely necessary to opt for baseball fundraising ideas that will assist immensely in meeting the expenses. It is not at all unheard of for a traveling baseball team to incur approximately $10,000.00 worth of expenses. In most instances, there are a total of anywhere from 12 to 15 players on a team.

If you divide $10,000.00 by 15 players, that adds up to approximately $667.00 per player. That is an immense amount of money that is not easily acquired by selling small chocolate bars or lollipops. You will need to opt for baseball fundraising ideas that will appeal to a large number of consumers and will provide your team with a large percentage of the profits received by the completed sales.

This is why the laundry detergent fundraiser is considered to be the #1 option for travel baseball coaches when it comes to baseball fundraising ideas. The following highlights the top 5 reasons why coaches have voted this fundraiser #1:

  1. Each year, in the United States alone, at least 5.3 billion dollars is spent on laundry detergent. As a result of this figure, it is a known fact that a baseball team has a much higher chance of profiting from a laundry detergent fundraiser than another type of common fundraiser. Candy sales, for example, typically only reach an average of 2 billion dollars a year. Based on these figures, a coach can depend on making over twice as many sales in laundry soap than in candy.
  2. The laundry detergent fundraiser yields higher profits for a baseball team that travels than a standard chocolate bar fundraiser. In most instances, a chocolate bar fundraiser allows you to sell the product for $1.00 and provides your team with a .50 profit – if it offers up to 50% of the total profit. You make a sale, you get .50. If you sell just one bucket of laundry detergent as part of a fundraiser, you may earn $12 from that sale. We all know that $12 goes a lot further in a travel baseball budget than .50. You would need to sell 24 of those chocolate bars to get the same amount from just 1 laundry detergent sale. Best of all, the more laundry soap you sell, the more profits you receive from each container, up to $15! That is an amazing amount of money for a baseball team – $15 per 1 sale!
  3. Common baseball fundraising ideas include candy, candles, and other types of gifts that are similar in nature. While it is true that many consumers enjoy these products, they are products that are considered to be low in demand, but, high in supply. The laundry detergent is in high demand among ALL consumers! Why? Because ALL of those consumers have a need for clean clothes. In with that need comes a need for detergent to clean the clothes. You will find that it is easy to make a sale because you are offering a product that is in high demand.
  4. Many consumers are currently strapped down to a tight budget – especially given the part-time job economic crisis that is currently plaguing the nation. Most cannot afford to spend extra money on popcorn tins, decorative candles, or magazines; however, nearly everyone has a spot in their budget for laundry detergents and fabric softeners. There is no hard selling or convincing required – your team simply offers a product that the consumer already has money for and the sale is finalized!
  5. Finally, laundry detergent may be sold to individuals, shelters, churches, pantries that supply necessities to the needy, as well as businesses and facilities – such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Not only does this open up the opportunity for increased sales, but, it also opens up the opportunity for acquiring customers that order on a regular basis.

As you can see from the information contained here, it is no surprise that the travel baseball coaches are ranking the laundry detergent fundraiser as #1 of ALL baseball fundraising ideas. Not only does this fundraiser offer something different, what it offers is practical and exceptionally valuable.

There is a high need and a high demand for the products and by just making one sale, you are providing your team with a minimum profit of $12 – of course, this profit increases as your sales increase.

Now that you know the top 5 reasons why this fundraiser is exceptionally respected in the traveling baseball community, it is time to get in on the action! By signing up for the laundry detergent fundraiser today, you are setting yourself up for many home runs tomorrow!

Jeremy Kean

Jeremy Kean is the President of J&J Baseball Inc, which owns Sudz Fundraising, Route 40 Home & Wellness, Spiritwear Inc, and Kelly's Boutiques, and is co-founder of Brick Road Media.
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