Introducing Essential Oil Infused Natural Line of Products

Introducing Essential Oil Infused Natural Line of Products

We are dedicated to providing you – our valued customer – with the safest natural products at the highest-quality possible.

We are now offering essential oil infused products through Route 40 Candle Company. Products ranging from candles composed of soy, cube melts, lotions, pest repellents, sun protection bars, linen sprays, toilet sprays, lip balms, deodorants, to products that are designed to alleviate pain in butter creams and roll-ons.

Throughout history, essential oils have been utilized by various cultures around the world to enhance the health and lives of millions of people. Now, Route40 offers you these exquisite high-quality, great-smelling products at the most competitive prices!

Essential Oils

Essential oils – in the simplest of terms – are exceptionally high concentrated versions of the natural oils that are found in various plants, worldwide. The exotic oils are pulled from these plants through distillation. This process utilizes either standard water and/or steam in order to retrieve the purest substances within the roots of plants, the leaves, the stems that are part of the plant, the bark, and/or the flowers.

Once transferred from the internal regions of the plant, the oils emit a fragrance and various other distinguishable properties and characteristics of the plants in which it was derived. These properties include those that aid in healing, protection, and optimizing a person’s health – both physiologically and psychologically.

Numerous Benefits

According to our ancestors, various cultures around the world, and even professionals that specialize in health optimization and the medical field, there are numerous benefits associated with utilizing natural products that are infused with high-quality natural oils.

Many believe that these scented products have the ability to attract positive energy and repel negativity. Then, there are those that believe that the products work with the unique chemistry and composition of the brain in order to stimulate, relax, or even provide a sense of balance to us in our bodies, our minds, and even our spirits.

Essential oils and oil infused products are often used to relax, renew, and revitalize. Our new line of essential oil infused natural products does all of this, and more!

Integrity and Quality Comes First

Our naturally infused products come from only the highest quality oils and plants from around the world. Our products are tested internally and externally to ensure that usage is 100% safe. Our products are not diluted in order to maximize profits. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Our products have the highest and safest level of oil concentrations in order to maximize the benefits that you experience. We put our customers first and strive, diligently, to make certain that you receive the maximum benefits associated with our products.

We practice integrity by being transparent about our ingredients and our processes to create our line of products.

You will find that no inorganic additives and potentially toxic substances are contained within our products. If you are ready to take a step to optimal mental health, optimal physical health, and optimal spiritual health, our natural oil infused line of products is the way to go!

Visit the shop at Route 40 Candles to view the new product line.

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