It does not matter if you are a beginner to social media, or an expert, using social media to promote your fundraising event in 2019 is a must. If you choose the laundry detergent fundraiser, using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are very successful tactics. The social media world may seem to be exceptionally vast and overwhelming; however, experts agree that one of the best ways to gain experience in the constantly evolving work is one of the best projects for those that want a part of the world. In this series, you will learn about the best practices used by professionals, and several steps that you may take in order to promote your fundraising event. What should you do? When should you do it? When first delving into social media promotion for your fundraiser, it may seem as if you have to tackle quite a bit; however, by setting goals and following through with those goals, you are sure to see and directly experience measurable results from all of your work.

Getting Started

In order to promote your  fundraiser with social media, you must have a starting point. The following represents three basic tasks that should be completed in order to jumpstart your fundraiser’s success in the social media world:

  • The first step to promoting your fundraiser with social media is to ensure that you start small. It is not necessary for you to sign up for and master all of the social media-based platforms on the World Wide Web, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AND LinkedIn. Instead, you should just stop and focus on that which you want to accomplish and pick one to two social media platforms to work with during the marketing and promotion of your fundraiser. The ultimate goal of any social media platform promotion is to develop conversation and to enhance engagement, not to sign up for as many social media accounts as possible.
  • The next step to getting started in your social media fundraiser promotion is to ensure that you set goals. This will not only help you to focus your energy appropriately, but, it will also allow you to maximize the use of your time. Furthermore, setting clear and precise goals will allow you to clarify the message that you wish to share on the social media platforms that you elect to participate. When determining your goals, you should consider how many products you need to sell, the amount of profits that you want to raise, and where the profits will go once received.
  • The third and final step to getting started in the social media promotion of your fundraiser is to ensure that you have fun and enjoy yourself. When promoting your fundraiser, you should allow your true personality to shine. By enjoying what you do, those that converse and engage with you on the social media platforms that you advertise on will virtually “see” and “feel” your spirit and the enthusiasm that you possess for your fundraising event!


Now that you know the three basic tasks that are required to get started, you may start setting up accounts on the platforms that you elect to advertise on, jot down your goals, and start thinking of ways that will allow you to truly enjoy the endeavor! This concludes Part One of this series. Be sure to bookmark this blog and come back soon as we are going to continue to part 3 of this series in the next week.

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Sudz Fundraising was created by Jeremy Kean, a baseball coach, who was fed up with fundraising in general (it was a drag to even have to deal with it every year) and specifically, the kinds of fundraisers that were available. So he did something about it, and SUDZ was born as a fast, easy fundraiser that helps communities, teams, and organizations raise money in a healthy, helpful way.

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