How to Have a Profitable Team Fundraiser - 4 Quick Tips

August 7, 2020

Coaches are constantly trying to come up with new, profitable ideas for the best youth sports team fundraiser. Many ideas such as bake sales and car washes are overdone or face too much competition. Consider a laundry detergent fundraiser instead of an overused idea. Using the following methods, you can make your youth group fundraiser a massive success.

Replace current laundry detergents

Laundry detergent is a common household item. Did you know the average US household washes nearly 400 loads a year? Friends and family will be much more likely to replace their current brand with your fundraiser laundry detergent. It is an easy sell because chances are your family and friends already want to help you out. They will be happy to learn that they can do so without purchasing anything unnecessary!

Use the internet

The internet is key to spreading the word of your fundraiser. Make sure to utilize social media! You never know who may be interested in supporting your fundraiser. Old friends or previous teammates who you may have not otherwise reached may want to support your fundraiser. Make sure that your post can be shared by others as well. If your friends and family share the posts, you will reach even more potential donors!

Team Fundraiser

Ask for help

You can reach out to different entities to see if they will promote your fundraiser. A good place to start is a local newspaper. They may be willing to run a promotion for your laundry detergent fundraiser for free. Another place to look is local radio stations. See if they will run an on-air commercial for your youth sports fundraiser. You can also consider your school's website.

Team fundraiser pre-sales

Pre-selling your laundry detergent guarantees sales ahead of time. Similarly to a concert selling before the date of the event, you want to sell your laundry detergent before receiving it. It also gives you the chance to make donors aware of the sale well ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

Laundry detergent fundraising has the potential to be wildly successful. At Sudz Fundraising, we offer high-quality laundry detergent to ensure you attain your fundraising goal. Contact us today for more information about laundry detergent fundraising.

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