How To Find Cheerleading Classes Near You

How To Find Cheerleading Classes Near You

You wake up one day and realize my kid is starting to have an interest in everything. Wait for it, Wait for it, “MOM, I want to take cheer lessons!” Your child shouts. There it is, the moment you have been waiting on…..or not. So you think to yourself How am I going to find cheerleading classes near me? 

I’m sure you do like most awesome parents do, and sprint right to Google to look up the closest places that teach cheerleading in your respective area. I have found, and put together a quick reference of places you can check out. It wouldn’t be a complete post without showing you what shows up in my local area for cheerleading classes near me.

Resources for Cheerleading Lessons

The first site that caught my eye was TAKE LESSONS. According to their website, they are featured on WSJ, ABC, USA Today, Fox, NBC, and Amazon. This is quite stunning, especially for being basically a niche search engine, with teachers listed in several communities. You can search and connect with a cheer teacher, check out average costs, and schedule your lessons all on this platform.

When clicking the link, you will come to a quick zip code field entry. In my case, the site popped up and said there are 20+ classes near you. The website takes you through a series of questions, who is looking to take lessons, the age of said person, how experienced they are, etc. Once finished, it asks you to add an email address to send you the matches. I stopped here since I don’t have a child looking to cheer, and my email box is nearly full.

Tumbling 4 Cheerleading Association have tumbling and cheerleading classes. It appears you need to be local for this organization, but they appear to have a vast knowledge about cheer. This could be a good resource for questions and pricing for cheerleading classes near you.

Local Cheer Class Resources CLose to Me(Richmond, Indiana)

A great cheer clinic, starts with a great academy. Watch out for costs, organization, and what type of travel commitment, before you get started. I have had great experiences on both sides with travel baseball, and I have heard of many experiences on both sides of the fence from cheer moms, etc. Good luck in your search.

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