How to Deal with Unsupportive Donors

January 26, 2019

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a regular participant of one of the easy fundraising ideas out there. Throughout your time in raising money for your team or organization, you have likely experienced what we refer to as a “dream donor”. These are individuals that regularly invest in your money-making events, share your posts on social media, spreads information by word of mouth, and/or even invites others to support your team or organization. While these types of donors are far and few between, they are a blessing when they appear. Now, you are reading this. That must mean that this wonderful donor has stopped supporting your fundraiser efforts. Continue reading to learn how to win that person back.

All Activity Ceases

It all starts one day when you realize you are not getting as many “likes” or “shares”. Individuals in and around your community no longer seem excited about your fundraiser efforts. You are not raising money as easily as you previously did. In essence, all activity ceases. Then, it hits you. That one supporter, that one donor, that one person has seemingly disappeared. They no longer “like” and “share”, they no longer invite others to support you, and their donations have stopped abruptly. What happened? How can you resolve this issue? You may be dealing with a case of “donor fatigue”. Now, it is time to win them back.

Recognition Goes a LONG Way

The first step to winning back that special donor is to make a direct and immediate effort to recognize all that they have done for your organization throughout the years. You could highlight their achievements on a social media post, invite them to a ceremony where you offer an achievement award and recognize their efforts, send a “Thank You” letter that outlines your appreciation, or provide them with a special gift. The important thing is that you recognize them and outline how appreciative you are of their support. You should also highlight how their donations and efforts have helped fulfill your mission and helped others.

Develop a Personal Relationship

In some instances, you should strive to develop a personal relationship with the donor. That is, outside of your easy fundraising ideas and events. Send a dinner invite, lavish them with flowers to show your appreciation, or simply get to know them – as individuals – outside your organization, but within a scope that is considered to be appropriate.

Openly Converse with the Donor

If your dream donor has pulled away from your fundraising efforts and your organization, you should have an open conversation and explain that you have noticed this and ask if there is anything you can do to rekindle their interest in helping you fulfill the mission of your team or organization. Perhaps there is an issue with time, money, or ability. Perhaps, they will address an issue that you can resolve. By taking the chance to openly discuss their concern, you may just win them back. In turn, you will have your best donor and supporter back on your side. For more information on easy fundraising ideas and how to succeed in these, click HERE.

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