How To Create Great Graphics For Your Fundraiser

Most people want to knock their fundraising numbers out of the park and will go to great lengths to raise the most money possible.

If you’ve seen someone put together really great images for their fundraiser and you want to know how to make your flyers and other materials look professional and really “POP,” check this out…

There’s a “Secret Weapon” many people use to create really awesome images for their fundraisers.

Below are some sample graphics we made in just minutes with a tool called Canva. Most people think you need someone who knows Photoshop to create great graphics. These days, all you need is a free account at Canva.

Created with Canva Created with Canva Created with Canva


And the person who designed these images has no Photoshop or image editing skills whatsoever! In fact, before they made these images for their fundraiser, they’d never touched photo editing software of any kind.

How to Use Canva

The following tutorial is 28 minutes long. It is NOT necessary to even watch this short video to learn Canva. You can just go in right now and start playing with designs because it is hyper-intuitive.

But if you really want to get into some cool stuff and advance your skills, this video is a great place to start!

Canva is the little wonder tool that makes amateur graphic designers look like total pros. We recommend it to all of our fundraising clients for their flyers and other graphics needed to pull off a successful fundraiser. Check it out today!

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