How Do We Get Our Profit from the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

How Do We Get Our Profit from the Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?

You have gone out to your community and sold all of this product.You may be asking, ” Where is the laundry detergent fundraiser profit?” A very fair question indeed. 

How You Get Paid

I will discuss the simplest way of getting paid. When you do an order form sale consisting of the laundry detergent fundraiser, and/or the all natural product fundraiser, you get paid first. 

So what in the world does that mean? When you collect the payment from each of your supporters, and turn it in to the team/group leader, your groups profit comes off of the top. When you turn in the entire groups order, we give you a coupon code that takes your 30% off the top allowing your profit to hit the bank first. 

What if we have a web store too?

If you are like most of our groups, you are doing the order form sales and having a web store too. The web stores were designed to add on to an order form sale, allowing you the opportunity to fundraise to a broader base of supporters. These supporters may be out of your area of delivering, or just find it more efficient dealing with a link. 

The web stores allow you a 15% profit, so here is what we do. 

  1. Take total invoice amount after coupon code is used, which represents the amount your group owes Sudz
  2. Total all sales from web stores and take out the 15% we owe your group
  3. Subtract the SOU(Sudz Owes You), From the YOS(You Owe Sudz)
  4. Add any applicable shipping fee.
  5. Total Invoice is then provided to your group lead. 

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Jeremy Kean

Jeremy Kean is the President of J&J Baseball Inc, which owns Sudz Fundraising, Route 40 Home & Wellness, Spiritwear Inc, and Kelly's Boutiques, and is co-founder of Brick Road Media.

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