What Fundraising Teaches Children

Every parent knows the school year ushers in a season inundated with pencils, paper, folders, glue, tissues and fundraisers. While there is a fair amount of frustration that can come along with fundraising, it is important to understand it is not just about the money. Children are actually learning some valuable life lessons.

Goal Setting

It is never to early to practically learn the art of goal setting and fundraising is a great way to give your children a hands on lesson. Most fundraisers will have a large overall monetary goal, which is then broken down per class or even per student. Children learn how meeting their small goals adds to the success of the entire school.

Team Work

Whether it is setting up a table at the local grocery store or sharing the good news of your fundraising project with all the neighbors, children will learn to work in teams as well as autonomously. This is true if it is just your family pitching in to sell and deliver the products.

Monetary Lessons

Who doesn’t wish they had learned more about money handling during their formative years? There are many things a child can learn about money, even the very young. Smaller children can begin learning the different coin designations while older children can actually tally their totals and learn to give change. Plus they learn how the most worthwhile goals (curing cancer) all require a monetary budget to make progress.

Community Involvement

Why do people really purchase products during fundraisers? It is not usually because it is a superior product or a bargain! Generally speaking, fundraising items will have a cheaper counterpart at your local retailer. Now, that is not to say the items are not premium, because they generally are, but the fact remains that is not why your friends and neighbors are making the purchase. It is all about community involvement. People want to see these children succeed, whether they are raising money for the school trip, homeless shelter or cancer research.

Sudz Fundraising

Sudz fundraising offers a chance for schools and organizations to raise funds while offering a needed product. You may feel like you need a chocolate bar, but the truth is you could live without it. Home cleaning products are something every household uses all year round, which makes Sudz the perfect fundraising alternative. Products offered include but are not limited to:

Not only will people be purchasing something they already use every day in their home, you have the opportunity to create a longer term relationship. In this way, the children see more success and more personalized communication. A more effective fundraiser builds confidence, fun and celebration!

Build your team’s morale with a Laundry Detergent fundraiser through Sudz

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Sudz Fundraising

Sudz Fundraising was created by Jeremy Kean, a baseball coach, who was fed up with fundraising in general (it was a drag to even have to deal with it every year) and specifically, the kinds of fundraisers that were available. So he did something about it, and SUDZ was born as a fast, easy fundraiser that helps communities, teams, and organizations raise money in a healthy, helpful way.
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