Sports fundraising is becoming exceptionally important; a necessity, if you will….

It does not matter if you have a softball team, baseball team, basketball team, a bowling team, or a cheerleading team, the costs associated with these exciting endeavors are increasing rapidly.

Registration fees, uniform expenses, money needed to travel, and the costs of sporting and safety equipment is on the rise and, often, a lot more than a typical team budget is capable of handling. Most teams, leagues, and organizations must now fall back on fundraiser activities in an effort to meet and offset the costs.

The good news is, you can start on your spring fundraiser NOW.

Fundraiser Options

When opting to initiate a fundraiser for your softball team, baseball team, or other type of sports-based team, league, or organization, you will find that you have many options at your disposal. The most common money-making ideas include sports scratch cards, cookie dough tubs, candy fundraisers, and specialty fundraisers, such as selling coffee or greeting cards. While each of these events may be fun to engage in, they do not offer the profits that you will need to meet your financial obligations. Plus, they do not promote items of necessity. You must opt for an event that will meet the needs of your client-base and will result in immense monetary rewards.

Action precedes funding. Planning precedes action….” – Unknown

Opt for Laundry Soap

Now, if there is one thing that everyone needs in life, it is laundry soap and all of the associated laundering items. Examples include pods, fabric softener products, and dryer sheets.

If you have a desire to reap huge financial rewards, you have to try a laundry detergent fundraiser.

Not only will you be promoting items that everyone uses and budgets for, you could make $12 per sale. The more you sale, the more you make per sale.

Now, consider this – you sell 200 containers of laundry soap. That is – at least - $2,400 in profits! Now, just think of how much of a financial difference that $2,400 could bring to your sports team, league, or organization.

Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe….” – G.T Smith

That’s Not All, Though

Here at Sudz Fundraising, we offer high-quality laundry detergents and laundering products that are not only comparable to the name brands offered in stores, but, are generally much less expensive.

Already, you have a winner! That is not all that we offer, though!

We also offer all-natural soy candles, highly durable trash bags, dishwashing liquid, Pain-B-Gone, baggies, dishwater pods, pumps and accessories, hair care products, oxi products, hand soap, lotion bars that are highly therapeutic, pain care products, candle making kits, sprays, lotions, bug deterrent products, and sun protection products! Each and every single product we offer will offer your team immense financial gains!

Get Started Now

Why allow your softball team, your baseball team, or other sporting team to continue suffering financially? Why make pennies per sale when you can make several dollars per sale? February is a great time to get started on that spring fundraiser! Simply click the following link to get going on a team-changer and to truly get your game on: https://sudzfundraising.com/contact-us/


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