It’s that Time of Year- Fall Fundraising!

Crisp air, pumpkin spice everything and the emergence of holiday candy on store shelves all mark that decidedly wonderful time of the year known as fall! Along with all the burlap, scarecrows and harvest style décor, come back to school days and you guessed it, fundraising! Here are some possible fundraising options to consider this year.

School Sports

Seems like there is never enough money for school sports programs. Whether the team needs funds for travel, new equipment or uniforms, a well-placed fundraiser can take the pressure off both parents and school officials. Need new basketball nets? Does the swim team need a reserve for overnight stays if they go to nationals?

Arts Programs

Theater and art programs are another area severely underfunded in the public school system, which is really sad considering the benefits to students. Studies show arts programs are important educational tools for language development, motor skills and cultural awareness. Fundraisers can help furnish much-needed supplies and funds for field trips.

Disaster Relief

Every year, it seems there is another area of the world hard hit by natural disasters. What better way to teach children about their civic duties and giving back than operating a fundraiser for disaster relief? Whether the disaster happens close to home or halfway around the globe, there is always a way to give back and ease the burdens of those most affected.


Product Options

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to organize a school fundraiser, the only question remains is what type of products should you offer? SUDZ offers a unique fundraising approach by offering products the average American household uses every single day.

Sample Products:

  • Fabric softener
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags
  • Linen sprays
  • Bug repellent
  • Much, Much More!

These are high quality products similar to ones used every single day in households around the globe. They are a proprietary blend created for SUDZ fundraisers.

Putting together your next fundraiser has never been easier. Determine your start and end days, arm your little troops with their order forms, collect orders and money, place order and you are done. Earn up to $3500 or more per campaign!

Why focus your fundraising on chocolates, wrapping paper or expensive meat trays when there is a full line of household products available instead? Every student lives in a home where laundry must be washed, trash has to be bagged and surfaces need to be cleaned. This fundraising option is really a no-brainer!

Get Started on the Easiest Fundraiser You’ve ever Done!


Sudz Fundraising

Sudz Fundraising was created by Jeremy Kean, a baseball coach, who was fed up with fundraising in general (it was a drag to even have to deal with it every year) and specifically, the kinds of fundraisers that were available. So he did something about it, and SUDZ was born as a fast, easy fundraiser that helps communities, teams, and organizations raise money in a healthy, helpful way.
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