Frequently Asked Questions about SUDZ Fundraising

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.General
  • How Much Product should we use?

    The detergent is 2x concentrated so we recommend 1-2 pumps per regular size load.

    The fabric softener is 4x concentrated so 1 pump should do the trick

  • Does the 2.5G Detergent and Fabric Softener Come in all Variieties?

    Yes- You can get any of the varieties in 5G or 2.5G

  • Does your Solution work in H.E. or Regular Washing Machines?

    Our solution is a hybrid solution that works in both machines.

  • Can an individual do a fundraiser for themsleves?

    Yes- Unless you are with a non for profit you will be charged sales tax if delivered or picked up in Indiana.

  • Do we have to pay sales tax?

    If you are ordering, picking up, and having delivery in Indiana then you must have a tax exepmt status, with the paperwork filed with us to avoid paying sales tax.

    If you order, and have your order delivered outside of Indiana there is no sales tax.

  • Is the Product Tide and Gain?

    NO!!!! Our formula is a proprietary hybrid formula that has been compared to Tide and Gain, but the formula is NOT made by Proctor and Gamble. We do not represent it as Tide or Gain at any time.

  • Is there a difference in your product and the other 5G detergent sales?

    YES! We deal with a different manufacturer than most other teams that sell this product. We have used the other manufacturer before and have extensively tested both, and our products are hands down better than the competition.

  • Do we have to have money out of pocket to start?


  • 2.Pricing
  • Pricing

    Our prices include shipping to your organization if you meet the minimum foro free shipping. You do receive price discounts the more you purchase.

    you can find our product pricing page here

  • Shipping

    We ship to your organizations door between 8-12 business days from the time payment is made on a placed order. The processing team will be in contact with you after you place your order until it is ready and time to ship. The shipping company will contact you to set delivery time directly.

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ALL LAUNDRY PRODUCTS ARE HIGH EFFICIENT and work in BOTH types of machines. Dismiss