Executive Admin Assistant- AKA “Donna”

Executive Admin Assistant- AKA “Donna”


About JJ Baseball Corporation/Sudz Fundraising:

Our Why

JJ Baseball Corporation owns Sudz Fundraising, Spirit Wear and Route 40 Health and Wellness.  These three businesses were created out of passion for helping others achieve their dreams.  Yes, we know that sounds lofty but, here’s our story.  Sudz Fundraising was started in 2013 by Jeremy Kean.  He was coaching a travel baseball team for his son and like all sports kids’ parents, he had to fundraise for his son and the team. He was talking to a softball coach and the coach asked” Have You Heard of That Laundry Detergent Fundraiser?”.  Thinking that sounded better than another round of a candy or discount card that everyone else was selling already. “Sure, Let’s Try It”.

That one question changed the trajectory of Jeremy’s life.  From there, he went on to open Sudz Fundraising because selling a product that everyone needs made raising money for sports teams easier.  But Sudz did not stop there.  They decided to build a BETTER fundraising model by developing technology, improving the quality of the laundry detergent, and enhancing the experience for coaches, teams, and parents.  

So, where does Spirit Wear and Route 40 come in?  Great question!  The founder, Jeremy, continued to expand the fundraising business to include printing uniforms and all-natural products.  These innovations led to expanding beyond sport teams and schools to serve customers of all kinds.   

The bottom line is simple, JJ Baseball Corporation operates 3 businesses that are dedicated to; helping more kids play sports at an affordable price, innovating better products to meet the needs of busy parents, and developing all natural products that are good for the planet and for everyone on the planet.  So, if your dream is to help others feel better, play more, and worry less – you may be the perfect fit for our organization!

What We Do

Sudz Fundraising sells a variety of household products like laundry detergent, fabric softener, trash bags and more, lots more!  Sudz primarily works with sports teams but, also serves nonprofit organizations such as churches, animal rescues and others.  Spirit Wear sells sports team gear including parents wear, like team branded sweatshirts, or team t-shirts.  Route 40 focuses on candles, lotions, and essential oils.  We encourage you to visit our websites for more information.

Why do we need an Executive Assistant?

We believe what you focus on grows. We are hiring, and need help keeping up with our overflowing workload. Sudz is ready to expand our service area and open up Sudz Fundraising Franchises in other states.  But we can’t do it alone.  We need dedicated, passionate people to help us.  

We are looking for someone who doesn’t like to be micromanaged. This person can jump and take ownership right away. In general, if you:

  • Enjoy an independent work environment – we like to hire smart people and get out of their way
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment 
  • Love solving a problem – realizing that the process is sometimes more important than the solution 
  • Understand the big picture, but love developing the tactics to get the job done right 
  • Seek out new ideas and opportunities without orders or directions 
  • Speak up and share your ideas – knowing that we appreciate all voices and perspectives at JJ Baseball Corp


What does this person handle and own?

Do you like wearing many kinds of hats?  Well… not actual hats but, different responsibilities.    

We are looking for a committed and passionate individual who possesses excellent communication skills and an upbeat attitude. As an Administrative Assistant, candidates should have a love for the details but, can move through tasks quickly while also being accurate. This person, if that is you, should always be prepared and responsive, willing to meet each challenge directly. Most importantly, you should have a genuine desire to meet the needs of others.

This position requires a person that can self-manage and is excellent with time management.  

Executive Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping, this includes managing invoices, accounts payable, and receivable. 
  • Handling office tasks, such as ordering general supplies, generating reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies.
  • Providing real-time scheduling support by booking appointments.
  • Using Microsoft Product Suite and Google Product Suites to generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research.
  • Managing a variety of projects from concept to completion. 
  • Managing a few email accounts, acting as a traffic copy, directing the email inquiry to the right person.
  • Prepare meeting notes with action items and follow up to ensure tasks are complete.
  • Clean and organization of files in OneDrive.
  • Manage payroll, scheduling team members to cover the different locations.
  • Attend meetings to act as a recorder and task tracker, following up on tasks to ensure they are completed by a deadline.


To be successful in this role you should:

  • be a utility player, by that we mean you will be taking on a variety of tasks.  No two days are the same around here.
  • be resourceful and be ready to research solutions to complex challenges.
  • be able to wear many hats!  You may be reconciling Quickbooks one day and managing an initiative another day.
  • be able take on multiple projects with ease and confidence.
  • anticipate the needs of others and often be one step ahead in finding a solution.
  • be able to move groups from idea to action.   
  • enjoy managing details of projects or initiatives.  
  • want to initiate and love tackling complex problems projects. 
  • love taking the messy and making it neat and orderly. 

Minimum skills, abilities, and knowledge:

  • Minimum 5 years of work experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Organized and deadline oriented
  • Ability to resolve conflict 
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Approachable, positive attitude with the ability to adapt to a quickly changing environment
  • Have great technology skills


Ideal skills, abilities and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of initiative management; conception of an idea through implementation 
  • Working knowledge of accounting practices but, not necessarily an CPA or accountant
  • Working knowledge of Quickbooks Online, G-Suite, Microsoft Office, MailChimp, and CRM software  

Other considerations:

  • This is not a fully remote position, as our office expands it will require being in the office full time
  • Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled
  • Salary range for this position is $25,000-$40,000 based on experience
  • This position doesn’t not include medical, dental, or vision benefits but, we do offer 2 weeks paid vacation because we cannot offer medical benefits


If  interested, email your resume, and a video that is 60 second or less  explaining “Why I am “Donna” to jerkean@gmail.com 

** “Donna” refers to the actress in the TV Show “Suits”.  We are merely referencing the qualities about the position “Donna” holds not her gender. All genders are welcome to apply.


Jeremy Kean

Jeremy Kean is the President of J&J Baseball Inc, which owns Sudz Fundraising, Route 40 Home & Wellness, Spiritwear Inc, and Kelly's Boutiques, and is co-founder of Brick Road Media.

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