Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how our fundraising program works and how your support benefits the team.

Since 2013, Sudz has helped hundreds of groups raise money with over $1,000,000 raised!

What started as just a laundry detergent fundraiser has now grown to include common household products, all natural home and wellness including soy candles, and artisian essential oil made products for you and your fur baby. We have also included custom apparel including spiritwear and a line of womens boutique apparel.  With our diverse line of products, and affordable price structure, we have been able to provide groups a fundraiser that is easy to use, has value for their supporters and highly profitable.

Here’s how it works…

For every Sudz Fundraising and Route 40 Home and Candle product sold, the team receives 30% of the sale. For web store orders, the team receives 15% back! If you, or you know of another group that might benefit from this program, CLICK HERE.


For every 5 gal detergent sold that’s $14.70 back to the team!

At $49 for a 5 gal detergent that’s an average saving of $31.00 for you!

Check it out!


Compare the cost of 5 Gal of Laundry Detergent

$ 79
00 640 ounces
  • Helps Kroger
  • Keeps Money in Your Community
  • Helps Local Kids Participate


Local Fundraising
$ 45
00 640 Ounces
  • Helps Your Local Community
  • Money Stays in YOUR Community
  • Helps Sudz Mission of Giving Back

$ 82
50 640 Ounces
  • Helps Wal Mart
  • Keeps Money in Your Community
  • Helps Local Kids Participate

How to order

There are two ways to place an order with Sudz Fundraising.

  1. Fill out a paper order form from a team participant and make a cash or check payment directly to that team. Each team will submit one check for all orders at the end of the fundraising campaign. The order form does not include apparel products.
  2. Submit an order and payment through the team’s web store. Orders can be paid for by credit card. Web stores include products for Sudz Fundraising, Route 40 Home and Wellness, Kelly’s Boutiques and Spirit Wear.



All order form sales will be shipped directly to the team. The team’s coordinator will notify participants when and where orders can be picked up. Most delivery dates are within 1-2 weeks after the fundraising campaign has ended.

Web store orders ship directly to customer with our 35% off Rack Rate UPS pricing. 

That’s it! We’ve made fundraising as simple as possible. The only thing we can’t provide is your support. When your ready, head back to the team web store and place your order. Your support is needed and appreciated!

Have more questions?

No problem! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or if you need to speak with one of our representatives, please call 1-765-598-5521. We are always happy to answer questions!

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