Creative Ways to Cover Adult Day Care Expenses

If you are caring for an individual that has a serious medical condition that requires consistent supervision and care and you must tend to other responsibilities throughout the day, you are in need of adult day care services. Unfortunately, this may prove to be very costly. In fact, many have discovered that the services actually cost more for a day’s worth of care than they make in a day. Yet, home health care, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities are even more expensive. If adult day care is putting a bit of a crimp into your budget, it is time that you learn some creative ways that you may get the funds for this necessary expense. The following outlines these methods:


  1. The very first step that should be taken is determining if your loved one qualifies for Medicaid. In order to initiate this process, you should contact the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) organization where you live. You may also contact your local Department of Children and Families organization. In most instances, there are counselors who will aid in the application process. Medicaid services are closely tied to the amount of income that the disabled individual receives as well as their assets. Many are surprised to find that – despite having a higher income and assets that they are able to get these services for adult day care services. It is worth a try.
  2. If your loved one is a Veteran of the United States Military, you should look into the services offered by the Veteran’s Administration (VA). Not only does this organization provide funding for adult day care services, they actually run and offer adult day care services. Many of these services are free, although there are some that require a copayment. Regardless, any assistance is worth trying for to avoid the high costs of care.
  3. If you find that your loved one does not qualify for Medicaid or any type of services offered by the Veteran’s Administration, you may also engage in a fundraiser in order to get up the money for adult day care services. One of the most lucrative that are currently offered is the laundry detergent fundraiser. The earning potential associated with this type of fundraiser is immense. You may sell products to adult day care centers, nursing homes, and hospitals in your area and all surrounding areas. You may sell the products to neighbors, friends, and coworkers. Best of all, you will be obtaining at least $12 per container sold. The more containers that you sell, the more you will get per container. In addition to traditional laundry soap, you will be offering other types of laundry products – such as fabric softener. Everyone budgets a set amount for laundry products and the chances of experiencing success with this fundraiser is high. The profits that you receive may be just enough to pay for adult day care services for your loved one.
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